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Online Certification Software   | 4 Min Read

Checklist for Choosing an Online Certification Vendor

Written By Romila Kanchan

Organizations develop certification programs when they want to create a preference in the marketplace for various types of people or technology. Certification helps validate the efforts of people who have invested their time and energy to learn how to implement a standard or best practice. Certifications are a very powerful tool for driving market adoption of a standard or skill set.

Scalability, authenticity, affordability and seamless delivery are some of the top demands that organizations have when deciding which certification vendor to choose.

But how to meet these demands? When choosing a certification vendor, what are the top features that you look for?

Here we provide you with a checklist of features that a certification vendor should provide in order to create a robust certification process for any organization:

1. Certification Platform Integration with LMS for Seamless Experience

The assessment capabilities of LMS are limited even though it is extensively used by most service providers. This is why companies look for an external service provider which becomes difficult to manage. The certification vendor should be able to provide a certification platform that gets easily integrated with your existing LMS to provide a seamless experience. The platform becomes a single point of contact to resolve all the issues.

2. White Labeling of Certificates for Brand Creation

White-labeling of certificates helps in brand creation. Choose an online certification vendor that allows you to create a white-labeled certificate that can be customized as per your brand colors and guidelines. Not only do white-labeled certificates help in establishing a brand name, but also helps in creating communities.

3. Dashboards and Workflows for Ease of Operations

The certification platform should enable the customer to add logic and workflows in the program. Accordingly, candidates can be marked as they pass the minimum criteria for every section.

4. Payment Gateway to Automate the Whole Certification Process

The certification vendor should provide a payment gateway that can be integrated with the LMS so that the whole process of registration, assessment and certificate issuance is automated. It’s a plus if the vendor can provide the feature of opting for discount codes and applying those discount codes while making the payment for the certification.

5. Proctoring to Ensure High Test Integrity

Remote proctoring acts as a cheat-proof shield throughout the certification program. Its advanced image recognition feature raises red flags as soon as it detects any activity which may look like cheating. The AI is also trained to detect if the candidate is using a mobile phone, thus making the certification genuine and credible, while reducing the cost of manual proctoring. The certification vendor should be capable of providing various options for proctoring- auto, live, secure browser, record, and review. The proctoring technology should also be capable of randomizing the question sequence to throw off any prospective cheaters.

6. Easy Certification Program Scalability to Create Communities

It is very important to use a certification vendor who can provide a certification platform that can host a large number of tests simultaneously without malfunctioning or crashing.

By getting hold of a certification vendor that can provide all the above-mentioned features in an integrated manner, an organization can effectively create a successful and easily scalable certification program.

So the next time you are looking for a vendor to host your online certification program, make sure you check that they provide these features:

  • Custom Content
  • Robust online certification platform that can be integrated with the LMS
  • Questions sequence randomization option to throw off cheaters
  • Workflows and dashboards to manage the candidate’s progress
  • Portal to register for certification exam online
  • Candidate login page
  • Integrated payment gateway
  • Remote Proctoring to maintain high test integrity
  • White labeling of certificates to create and maintain brand image
  • Immediate and automatic result generation and online certificate delivery
  • Certificates with QR codes to check for authenticity easily online

By streamlining the certification process from registration to getting the certificate, the process of getting a certificate is greatly simplified, and the candidate goes away with a very positive impression. It also becomes an easy-to-execute process for the company conducting the certification as almost no manual efforts are required to carry out the certification process. The seamless fully automated system takes care of each aspect of certification on its own, without need for any human intervention.









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Originally published December 07 2019,updated January 20 2020

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