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Remote Proctoring   | 2 Min Read

Online Proctoring – A Jumpstart to Training Excellence

Written By Tonmoy Shingal

The market for online proctoring and remote invigilation is expanding at a fast pace. It is being predicted that this is going to be a whopping $10 billion market by 2026 covering all areas - educational, vocational, corporate, and training.

The computer-based assessment market is a promising one with growing internationalization of education, Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) usage, and certifications from professionals. Because of these trends, there’s huge potential in online proctoring and monitoring of candidates taking exams and tests remotely.

With colleges and universities that are moving towards distance learning, the number of students taking courses online has shot up phenomenally, the number going up to 6 million in the US alone in 2016. With a little above a quarter of students opting for at least one online course, colleges and universities will have to turn to solutions within technology to maintain the integrity and quality of these courses.

U.S, U.K, and Europe now Adapting to Online Proctoring

The online proctoring market in the US, UK, and Asia is growing fast but still hasn’t matured to its fullest potential. However, the future looks bright with the education sector evolving with newer learning models, particularly in medium-sized and community college markets. In this scenario, virtual or unconventional methods of learning, such as online proctoring for exams, are now a widely accepted norm that yields even greater results.

In the corporate sector, the rising trend of online proctoring has been visible in product certification training. This solution is relatively cost-effective as it still depends upon real people delivering the actual session, to train students remotely. This is commonly used in training people in the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO).

The remote vigilation market has been estimated to be $60 million per annum in the United States alone. International expansion is on the cards, and while it is possible that this can snatch market shares from established players, new market segments are also bound to come up. As technologies mature and operations scale up, price points for remote assessments and proctoring solutions would tend to fall.

The scenario in the UK and Europe has not yet taken flight, but a few players have emerged in the proctoring landscape. Many universities and industry giants are now using Skype and other well-known mobile or virtual platforms when it comes to online proctoring. The market in the UK will be driven by factors such as the Further Education Learning Technology Action Group (FELTAG) requirements which are striving for digital technology for improvised learning and the need for secure and flexible assessments in work-based learning.


So far, there have been no known issues or problems in the implementation of remote invigilation or online proctoring anywhere in the world. Most companies continue to maintain the standard procedures and are making sure that the protocols are followed.

Online proctoring is implemented in three ways -

  • Live Online Proctoring

    A qualified proctor will keep a watch on the student from a remote location through live audio-video, and screen share feeds.
  • Recorded proctoring

    The recording of the audio-video and the screen share is later reviewed for any red flags.
  • Fully automated proctoring

    Along with recording, the feeds are also monitored by the system for anything suspicious with advanced analytics.

For online proctoring to be successful, it needs to sit on a robust platform. It is necessary to maintain standards of excellence and deploy complex logistics. Even though the concepts of remote examination and digital tutoring are not new, they are being seen as unconventional mediums to revolutionize learning paradigms in both corporations and education.


Both organizations and educational institutions are looking for effective methods of assessment and invigilation that ensure integrity, security, and faster results. This enables a lot of businesses to add more value to their services, enhance their image, and promote their brand. Hence, they are on the hunt for efficient remote invigilation solutions. Efficiency in this regards means that an online proctoring solution must be easy-to-use and cost-effective so that it is helpful for both students and businesses alike.

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Originally published June 18 2019,updated October 12 2019

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