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Online Remote Proctoring   | 4 Min Read

Top 5 Proctoring Solution Providers

Written By Romila Kanchan


Online examinations, online talent assessments, and certifications are becoming the norm. Most of the universities, schools and other educational institutions are conducting their exams online. Companies are increasingly using talent assessments to hire employees, and they are mostly conducted online.

The benefits of conducting online exams are too lucrative to pass. Any exam requires standardization, marking and invigilation. All these activities require expensive manpower, planning, and scheduling. But when conducting exams online, these activities can be automated to save time, cost and make the entire process more convenient.

Most online exams provide a detailed candidate diagnostic report that contains details on how the student/candidate performed. And with online invigilation services such as proctoring, the whole process of conducting exams can be automated to make the process more standardized and efficient.

Companies have leaped at the opportunity to provide online proctoring services, due to which the market for online/remote proctoring is expected to reach USD 10 Billion by 2026 (Source: Learning Light).

With so many proctoring service providers, it's important to know which vendor is reliable and can enable you to maintain high test integrity consistently.

In this blog, we cover the top 5 industry proctoring service providers- the range of services they provide, top features, the clientele they cater to, and more!


ProctorU is an Alabama, US-based fully automated proctoring service provider, that provides auto proctoring and live proctoring services. Founded in 2008, the company has established its name in the industry by providing AI- driven proctoring services. Catering to both academic institutions and professional organizations, they cater to ~1000 customers-Cameron University and the University of Florida to name a few.

  • Client Size: 1000
  • Key feature: AI-powered proctoring solutions
  • Proctoring services: AI-powered auto and live proctoring, ID authentication
  • End User: Academic Institutions, Professional Organizations
  • Annual proctoring capacity: 1.5 million proctored exams conducted in 2018
  • Per day proctoring capacity: 10,000 exams +


Mettl (now Mercer-Mettl), based out of Gurgaon, India, is a technology company that provides online assessment software, skill assessment tools and proctoring services. Founded in 2010, the company provides auto proctoring, live proctoring, record and review proctoring services, along with online ID authentication. The company has a 2000+ clientele and conducts more than 12 million proctored assessments annually. Its clientele includes Ghent University, Laureate International Universities, and Optimizely. The company provides complete assessment solutions right from hosting the test on its platform, creating competency-based customized assessments, online/remote proctoring, result analytics, and payment gateway for submitting exam fee.

  • Client size: 2000
  • Key feature: Full range services for conducting online exams/ assessments/ certifications, AI-powered proctoring solution, Image recognition, mobile phone prevention, 95% accuracy in predicting cheating
  • Proctoring services: AI-powered Auto and Live proctoring, record and review proctoring, ID authentication, Secure browser, Mobile phone detection
  • End Users: Academic Institutions, Professional Organizations, Vocational Skill and Certification providers
  • Annual proctoring capacity: 12 million proctored exams conducted in 2018
  • Per day proctoring capacity: 50,000+


Examity is a Massachusetts, US-based, proctoring solution provider. It entered the proctoring market in 2013 and has over 500 clients. It provides auto, live and ID authentication solutions to universities, corporates and, enterprise testing organizations. Its partners include Amazon, Tableau and Coursera.

  • Client size: 500
  • Key feature: AI-powered, full range, integrated proctoring solutions with 24*7 live support
  • Proctoring services: Auto and live proctoring, ID verification
  • End Users: Standardized testing providers, Higher Educational Institutions, certification and licensure program providers and corporates
  • Annual proctoring capacity: 1 million tests

PSI Services

PSI Services is the US-based, professional testing services provider that entered the remote/online proctoring market with its acquisition of Software Secure (acquired in 2017) and Innovative Exams (acquired in 2015). It also launched its own online proctoring SAAS solution- PSI Bridge in 2018. PSI also provides complete assessment solutions- right from hosting the test online to monitoring test takers and carrying out competency-based testing. It delivers 15 million assessments annually.

  • Client size: Software Secure: 400; PSI Bridge: 750
  • Key feature: Seamless full range assessment solution, AI-powered, integrated proctoring solutions with 24*7 live support
  • Proctoring services: Online Proctoring, ID authentication
  • End Users: Institutes, Corporates, certification providers


Verificient is a New York based continuous identity verification and digital remote monitoring service provider. Its proctoring solution is called ‘Proctortrack.’ Founded in 2012, the company provides AI, machine learning, biometrics and computer vision powered Trusted Identity as a Service (TIaaS). Verificient’s ‘RemoteDesk’ solution goes beyond exam proctoring to provide automated monitoring of people who work from home. It also provides assessments for hiring talent (FreshHire). It has served 18 million + users, verified more than 1.5 million identities and detected ~6 million violations. It also provides IP protection for instructors to prevent their exams from getting leaked online. Its clientele includes OPENedX, Blackboard, and Moodle.

  • Client size: NA
  • Key feature: Seamless full range assessment solution, AI-powered, integrated proctoring solutions with 24*7 live support, Bio-metric Authentication, IP protection to prevent online exam leakage
  • Proctoring services: Online Proctoring, ID authentication, IP protection
  • End Users: Students, Institutes, Instructors

Now that we have discussed in some detail, the most prominent players in the online proctoring industry, it's important to know the right questions to ask in order to make an informed decision regarding which vendor to choose. We have provided a checklist of the most in-demand proctoring features that corporates and educational institutes seek from a vendor, followed by names of vendors who provide those features:


remote proctoring vendor comparison

The choice of proctoring features depends upon the exam integrity level, budget and number of candidates to be proctored. With online proctoring, the process of conducting examinations has become fully automated right from creating the tests, scheduling, invigilation, checking answers to sharing candidate results online. Online exams are 50% cheaper than pen and paper exams, and it requires much less time and effort to successfully conduct them in a fair, easy and standardized manner. With AI-driven proctoring, the algorithms will soon become trained enough to prevent cheating 100%, a guarantee that a physical invigilator cannot always promise. Studies show that candidates giving exams online are more prone to cheating than in a physical setup. There is a huge market for cheating devices that cater to the cheating needs of students. Hence it's important to take all the necessary precautions while conducting online exams to ensure high integrity. Having multiple layers of check and a strong AI based proctoring solution provider that can provide end to end solution for conducting online exams is the best bet to achieve high exam integrity in a seamless and affordable manner.


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Originally published January 03 2020,updated January 20 2020

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