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Recruitment Assessments   | 4 Min Read

What to choose - Live or Recorded or Auto- Proctoring?

Written By Divyeshwari Singh


The number of students enrolling for online courses has gone up, with 6 million users in the US alone in 2016.

80% of university students will be exposed to online learning.

Hence the use of online assessments and online remote invigilation will only grow.


Remote examinations by methods of proctoring is a field that has been advancing in the last 5 to 7 years. Starting quite with the US-based firm Kryterion, the field has been spreading quickly.

New vendors for the service and new technologies have emerged. Proctoru, Examity, Mettl are few to mention.   

The market for online proctoring and remote invigilation is extending at a quick pace.

It is being anticipated that this will be an incredible $10 billion market by 2026 covering all territories - educational, vocational, corporate, and training.

The market is spreading like wildfire, soon proctoring will be the ruling technology conquering the entire space of examinations.

What the future holds is nothing but the smartest tool that cheats the cheaters.

But before it becomes one, there are some rules in the game that need to be defined.

I know them and you should know them too!!

The comparison between the types of proctoring

Online proctoring is where the candidate is invigilated online during the course of assessment with the help of a webcam, mic and access to the candidate’s screen.

Proctoring is typically of 3 types:

  • Live Proctoring
  • Recorded Proctoring
  • Automated Proctoring

I shall draw a comparison table for you and leave you with it to make an informed decision.

Artboard 1@2x (3)


 Now how do you decide?

After a thorough read of the comparison table, you should be well informed to decide which service to choose.

For the same ask yourself -

proctoring 1-01-03

proctoring 1-01-02





The Stakes Of Your Exams

Teaching is a process that facilitates learning. Testing is what validates your learning and teachings. It is the parameter that measures both. But it wouldn’t matter if the integrity of the test has been compromised.

To fit the perfect proctoring for an exam, fit the stakes of the examination.

The way to figure out whether the exams are high stake or low stake, is by defining the purpose of the examinations conducted.

Here are few instance to make clear the judgements and define the stakes.

In a high stake testing landscape, the most refined version of remote proctoring would make up for the stakes. 

Since the best available product that flags all incidents of cheating is an amalgamation of human proctoring and AI algorithms, that’s what people should consider.  

For instance degree exams in universities that declare the final score of the students are generally high stake exams. These are the defining scores of the student’s life, hence the most refined and apt solution shall be considered here.


Also if you are someone conducting entrance exams, then you are the one dealing with high stakes again. Messing up the exam would mean compromising your brand name. You wouldn’t wan that, so take the best solution of live proctoring available.

In a low stake testing landscape, recorded or automated proctoring are feasible solutions. 

Corporate learning assessments could be proctored in this way. The bulk employees after completing the training, need to be evaluated for their learnings. A recorded proctored assessment would make it feasible for everyone, who gives the assessment according to their convenience. Sometimes institutions conduct quizzes, some internal test or semester exams, it would be better to go for automated proctoring solutions with no dependence on human proctors.


The Paying Capacity

For many, money is a barrier. Before you decide which solution to choose, be well aware of your spending limits. Club this with the purpose of conducting assessments and then the decision is easy. Go for the best available deal.


Crack the deal!

“In one case a mother had tucked herself under the work area of the test-taker to impart answers.

One test-taker shrouded a cheat sheet in her child's bassinet.

Another faked a hacking fit to evacuate a cheat sheet tucked into the back of his throat.  

Furthermore, one understudy employed an expert "ringer" to take the exam.”

Companies and educational institutions are looking for effective means of invigilation that assures integrity, security, and faster results. This benefits businesses by enhancing the brand value, the reputation and image.

Ergo everyone is on the hunt for efficient proctoring  solutions.

Once you have made the decision, just go for the hand shake!!!



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Originally published January 23 2019,updated November 18 2019

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