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Campus Recruitment/Hiring

Written By Shaivya Gupta

From the other side of the desk, a campus recruiter’s job seems like something you’d want to have. Screening candidates, deciding whom to hire, and whom to disqualify, unlimited amounts of coffee and snacks – could it get any better? Let’s find out!

15 days to Campus Drive Day
A hurricane of brainstorming in the already demanding time.
1 day to Campus Drive Day
Hours seem like minutes while preparing the “Monica style” course of events. “Monica who plays a chefs character in a sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S is obsessively meticulous in her tasks and that’s where the styles come from”.
Campus Drive Day!

6 am: The alarm screams of the flight to the hiring destination
8 am: Getting set for the pre-placement talk, which of course gets delayed until 9.30am
11 am: 1000 of disciplined faces religiously discrediting  the “Monica style” take to ‘pen & paper’, your misery doesn’t end there, wait for the continuous shuttling, preying on any eye signals, the Chai & samosa aren’t even close to the effort involved, you should be treated to a buffet instead!
5 pm: 400 students shortlisted for the interview

And the job gets carried to the next day with the obnoxious line of interviews for the panel and you never know the day after that as well. Tiring, time-consuming, cost ineffective isn’t it?

NO, not in the days when modern recruitment wasn’t a solution, but now you have it at your bestowal. The evolution has been set to motion so don’t be the same, “be better, better than the best chef” that’s what Monica would have said.

Many times, my discussions with campus hiring heads are about how they have the practices and haven’t required a rethinking about the process in years, they are fine with the process since it will catch up with demands.

But in today’s time when the world itself has become a Talent Magnet simply catching up isn’t the solution. In order to hire the best your campus hiring methods must be Pitch Perfect.

We at Mettl, which provides an online assessment platform to evaluate the potential candidate, are the ultimate solution. You’ll feel like “The King Kong” and that’s how you’ll be treated too with our customized products, the luxury you deserve will be at the doorstep.

Campus hiring – The Three Monica Menus 

Asset 122-100.jpg

1. Strategize: Aims to make data-driven hiring decisions by benchmarking and assessment validation.

2. Hire: Screens the irrelevant applicant by conducting hackathons, managing logistics

3. Engage: Aims to reduce drop off rate by involving candidates in contests with multiple rounds.

For this piece we will keep ourselves to the first option in the menu, Strategize, considering your appetite.
Allow me to narrate a conversation from F.R.I.E.N.D.S

Scene: Its Thanks Giving and everyone plans on going out, some want to eat at a fancy restaurant, while others vote for Monica’s Turkey, they don’t decide as a matter of fact, as what the majority wants but have a Roundtable conference, where everyone discusses WHY and SO WHAT.
We at Mettl Analyse many such Thanks Givings, in which we separate a subject into its elements by assessing health, benchmarking it, further giving a demographic analysis along with a predictive validation of the performers and a college scorecard. Now here is a quick explanation of the jargon and how we make it special for you
Asset 4.png

1.1 Health Assessment

It aims to measure the mental abilities of a candidate by the following three indices:

  • Discrimination Index: 

Distinguishes the knowledgeable one from the others, from -1 too.

  • Difficulty Index:

Measures the proportion of examinees who answered the question correctly, ranging between 0 to 1, so when the tough gets easy we shoot some more difficult ones.

  • Exposure Index:

Calculates the exposure level of the question with respect to the test takers.

1.2 Benchmarking

Everyone has that one competitive advantage, but the smart develop it while the others are still searching. Mettl by using various statistical techniques identifies the benchmark, to ensure the best hiring.

Monica has a question she says “compared to what is this the best?”

Mettl answers this too by providing global skill based benchmarks so that you can compare the candidate’s performance with the industry standards.

1.3 Demographic Analysis

A detailed profile of the candidate makes the task towards finding the right match easier. This involves analysis of the performance of various traits such as years of experience, educational qualification, and region and thus improves the otherwise cumbersome selection.

1.4 Predictive Validation

When an assessment provides you with results, how likely is it to foresee the actual behavior and performance? This is the essence of predictive validation. In this course of action, Mettl identifies the relation between Mettl assessment scores and on job performance as well as areas of customization and provide revised blueprints is necessary.

We want to serve you with the best.

1.5 College Score Card

The long journeys, the terrible traffic, and the never-ending college targets can all end by this magical tool which makes the combat easier by identifying the suitable colleges based on parameters like strong skills, average salary. You no longer need to be the jumping jack we will give you the list that caters your demand.

1.6 Additions

A man’s brain is never at rest, it questions “what next?”, that’s when we fill you up to full you, by giving additional college wise analysis to get more insights to identify more suitable colleges for the nest hiring.

Every morning in Africa, a gazelle wakes up. It knows it must run faster than the fastest lion or it will be killed. Every morning in Africa, a lion wakes up. It knows it must outrun the slowest gazelle or it will starve to death. Being born a lion or a gazelle was destiny but when the sun comes up, running to survive and face all odds of the jungle is your choice, your own free will.
Let the trumpet blare, let the drum rolls begin and let Mettl relax the wrinkles you have been suffering from, we know how it is to be out on anniversaries taking endless, baseless interviews just to find the fit, we know how the phone rings and says “When will you be back?” and you stuck in the exam hall whisper “It gets late, no idea.” Free yourself from the jobs that can be taken care of us, we guarantee to reduce and refresh your workload.


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