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How Capgemini saved 7 days in Hiring the Right Candidate

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Results Delivered

Mettl’s online assessments turned out to be a game changer for Capgemini India team. They now conduct online tests every 21 minutes on an average and have also eliminated the need of interviews at L1 (first level). This has freed up time of expert interview panel who can now work on billable tasks. Till now they have conducted more than 42,000 assessments on Mettl.

Using a combination of Standardized Assessments,  Skill simulators & Question banks Capgemini has reduced the time to hire a candidate by 7 days. With a better online screening infrastructure, 39% of incoming candidates pass the first round of assessments & 49% pass the final round – meaning a higher number of candidates who qualify online assessments end up getting the final selection offer.

How Mettl Improved Capgemini's Recruitment Process?

Capgemini used Mettl potently to improve their recruitment process.

  • Coding Simulator –

Using a browser-based Code Evaluator, Capgemini could check technical skills (Java, .NET) of candidates in a hands-on manner rather than using multiple choice questions.

  • Skill-based Question Banks –

Using their own Question banks & Mettl’s expert-created questions, Capgemini could assess candidates on more than 40 key skills.

  • Online Proctoring –

Using Webcam based tests & option to lock Test window, Capgemini could ensure fairness of the assessment tests without incurring major invigilation costs.

  • Real-time Test reporting –

Using real-time Online Reports & Analytics, Capgemini could take quick & effective hiring decisions to gauge the knowledge & skill of pre-hires.

  • Scalability & Concurrency –

Using Mettl as a scalable, reliable Online Assessment SaaS with a high uptime Capgemini could conduct Walk-ins, Recruitment drives 24×7.

What's Next?

As a Digital Evaluation Initiative for the future, Capgemini intends to use Mettl’s Voice Simulator to test Communication skills like language, speech, pronunciation; Test Preparation platform for virtualization of the Training Programs; Hands-on skill simulators to unravel top performers & conduct Skill Gap Assessments. Capgemini also plans to conduct Employee satisfaction surveys at exit, review, promotions stages for their Employees to keep track of Employee Engagement.

A Step-by-Step to Creating a Structured Hiring Process Using Competency Framework, Technology & Data Analytics-1

Originally published April 2 2018, Updated December 17 2020


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About This Topic

Talent assessment is the practice of assessing talent before making critical organizational decisions, such as hiring, development, promotions, etc. Talent assessments evaluate a candidate’s skills, knowledge, personality, behavior, and work style to future-proof an organization’s business interests.

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Get awesome marketing content related to Hiring & L&D in your inbox each week

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