Corporate branding through assessments

Online testing for recruitment purposes has been around long enough to make its benefits self-evident. But today I am going to talk about a new facet of online assessments, as means for corporate branding. Think about the last company whose recruitment process you sat for. Obviously even before the commencement of the process you would be fully aware of the technologies for which the company was recruiting. Two different companies can always be out hiring people with the same amount of experience and for working on the same set of technologies but still in majority of the cases you will end up having a markedly different experience in the recruitment process of the two companies. Reason? Reason is the imprint of the company’s culture and brand values on its recruitment process as well.
A predictable yet effective testing process does wonders for the consistency factor associated with the brand name. So, while an Infosys is always expected to be content testing a fresher only for general aptitude, a TCS is expected to have grueling technical rounds in both the written test & the interview. Different strokes for different folks. A company may be following a very structured recruitment process, making all the right noises, but may still not attract the best talent and yet another company may have a very haphazard process, just like its eccentric founder, and may still be attracting the best talent to its process. So in simple words your recruitment process can serve as a gauge for your brand name and value. So when your recruitment process shifts to the web and a large part of it is handled remotely, is it still a reflection of your brand?
Clearing 3 steps of a 7 step recruitment process of one company may give developers more ego boost than the 5 steps of another. Delivering this exclusive feel of the customer’s brand name right to the test taker is what every assessment company strives for and should never lose focus on. As we steadily climb the ladder of learning here at Mettl, this is a learning we have continued to keep very close at our heart and embody in our every decision. Our process endeavors to deliver the brand value of the customer as such to the end user. This can be in the form of the quality of the content the candidates are being tested by, the flawless product the candidates are being tested on or just even the UI experience. It’s very important to attract people as per one’s work culture in one’s company to enhance productivity and satisfaction. We make that the center of our delivery model when we say: People Assessment. Made Easy.
To ensure this we need to have our finger on the pulse of the company’s brand positioning. For that to happen one needs the eye to look beyond the obvious into the shades of grey and understand the finer nuances so very essential to that company’s brand name. Let’s end it by saying that in this world of relativity where black and white, 0 & 1 are grappling with existential issues let’s make way for the grey, the new discrete of ½. Nothing fits all. Different strokes for different folks.