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Building the Corporate Edge through Professional Employee Certifications

With an increased demand for more certified professionals at work, the equivalent demand for certification courses has bumped-up too. To avail better employment opportunities and promotions than others, everyone now wishes to get their expertise validated with an accredited certificate.

According to the 2015 AFP Compensation Survey, employees possessing professional certification are more productive and efficient. This, in turn, benefits the employers to drive out more revenue from the business, with the addition of such profit adding subject matter experts to the workforce.

An employer, as well as an employee, gets fair profit with certification these days. But, have you ever wondered, what does it take to make certifications like Red Hat Certified Architect (RHCA), Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE), or Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE)popular among users?

A collective contribution of the factors below is required to bring together a smooth-running certification program for users. Hence, read carefully all the pointers given and reap the maximum benefits that certification can give your business.

Sell the ‘need for speed’

Wish to understand the ‘need for speed’ in today’s time? Sit in front of a PC installed with Internet Explorer. Within an hour, you will automatically switch to Google Chrome for speed. This is exactly what users will do in the absence of speed on your certification platform.

If you fail to provide a smooth, speedy, and uninterrupted platform experience to individuals, the chances are that your competitors will do so instead. Earning money is the aim of your business, and speed is what will fetch you that.

Entice users with authenticity   

‘Assurance’ is a tough bargain to obtain during the 21st century, but things end up revolving around it. You will not buy a product or avail any service until you can develop a sense of trust in the quality that it offers. Studies show that products carrying an air of genuineness are more preferred by the consumers.

To attract the interest of more test-takers, it is very crucial for you to protect the authenticity of your certification process. If others can easily fake or counterfeit your certificates or the quality of the program that you offer, you will lose out a big chunk of value on the grounds of authenticity.

Flexible admin control is your right

Imagine you are promoted to a managerial role, but you have no control or authority to exercise. How would you feel? Does it not sound meaningless? Just as a managerial designation does not carry any significance without its powers in place, similarly your admin control over your certification platform is inadequate without ‘flexibility.’

Mettl offers a fully flexible admin control to customise and administer the entire certification test and candidate exam cycle. When you own a certification platform, you must own it like a boss, with all the powers in your hands.

Safeguard your payment gateway

As a service provider, you would never want your test-takers to undergo any unpleasant episode, at your certification platform, which could bring down your name in the market. You would want everything to be perfect and at the place for maintaining the trust of your users and giving them a safe and secure experience with you.

One of the major aspects of ensuring their safety involves a straightforward and secured payment integration gateway. Transactions should be seamless and protected from internet frauds and thefts to safeguard the interests of people taking up a certification test.

Switch to instant certification generation

Now, gone are the days, when from paying a utility bill to receiving a money transfer, we had to just wait for everything. The influx of modern-day technology has made ‘instant’ the new cool today.

To gain more brownie points than your competitors, you should remain a step ahead of them. Gift your users the goodness of instant certification generation, when they decide to choose your platform. This feature of providing them real-time certificates upon their test completion via email and SMS notification for results automatically saves your, as well as their precious time.

Get eagle’s eyes installed with web proctoring

Have you ever wondered why proctors are present in an examination hall? Well, the answer is quite simple. Their only purpose is to make it difficult for the test-takers to cheat and uphold the morality of a fair and honest examination conducted. Now, imagine if such vigilant proctoring technology is brought to your certification platform as well.

With the introduction of in-person advanced proctoring technology, monitoring test-takers via the web has become possible today. Keeping a sharp eye on users prevents them from using unfair means to pass the test, ultimately improving the standard of your certification exam.


People want to work for organizations that are invested in their professional development and committed to helping them take the next steps in their career. Employees also will feel noticed and valued by the company, and by you, as their manager. This sense of value can go a long way in prompting them to want to stay, which reduces one of your biggest headaches and expenses, staff turnover.

After all let us face it, it’s a competitive job market out there. As prospective employees, we need to stand out of the crowd.

Originally published May 1 2018, Updated June 15 2020


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Get awesome marketing content related to Hiring & L&D in your inbox each week

Stay up-to-date with the latest marketing, sales, and service tips and news