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The One Thing Driving Success for Sales Teams, World Over

Which factor drives winning sales teams, excellent reps or excellent managers? Through our findings, there is a clear and vindictive answer – while excellent reps with an average manager will outsell a team of average reps with an excellent manager in the short term, their advantage will quickly taper.

So the trade-off is eminent, but what better place than this and what better time than now to experiment!

Having an assortment of qualified candidates is the perfect medicine for many sales hire problems.

For example, when your organizations ponders on the reluctance of letting people go who aren’t performing go, it is as though they believe “the devil you know” in a sales territory is better than “the devil you don’t.” Or, as one sales leader told us, “I think in this case bad breath is better than no breath.”

Really? Is that the best you can do? How about building your bench in such a manner that your sales task force cannot reckon with your decision. Sounds decisive? Well, it’s powerful as well. But then how do you build this elusive dream team, this perfect sales taskforce bench?

Without a solid recruitment process in place, it’s difficult, if not impossible, to hire salespeople. Key steps in the process, such as coordinating second interviews or extending offers, may be delayed days or even weeks.

Inconsistencies within the process, such as how data curated assessments or pre-employment checks are being used, may also affect productivity or retention down the road.

As a sales manager what should you do?

Start a process and stay judicious to it.

Your internal human resources (HR) group or recruiting partner is an excellent resource to help analyze what’s working and not working within your process, so you can figure out how to best move candidates through the pipeline.

As you develop a recruitment process, watch for red-flags and how you deal with them. 

For instance, is it difficult to schedule in-person interviews because decision makers are traveling? Consider telephone and Skype interviews for your first round and in-person meetings for candidates who make it to the next round. This keeps the recruiting process moving and strong candidates warm.


This is best left to your software which can screen a larger volume of candidates at a faster pace, freeing you to do other things (such as all that traveling). At this stage, prescreening questions that ask about licensing or education level, for example, explore whether candidates meet the minimum requirements for the position which ultimately reduces the mundane aspect of your work. These factors often determine whether a candidate is ultimately suitable, so it’s best to screen for these skills up front to save you and the candidate from embarking on a lengthy, fruitless interview process. Simple and efficient, right?

Conduct assessments which are sales force centric

Data curated assessments which exactly know which competencies and behavioral checks should be made so that you get your perfect sales taskforce served to you in a platter to devour

Building an effective process is the key to success

Whether a company is making one hire or 100. A solid process helps establish important milestones within the hiring lifecycle and identify measures of success so that hiring stays on target.

A good recruiting strategy backed with a data curated assessment process will serve any sales organization, large or small while taking your mundane processes for a toss. It takes discipline, but in many respects the process and tactics are no different than managing a good sales pipeline. Make it as routine as your daily prospecting and opportunity management tasks, and you will reap valuable, long-term results from these habits.

Happy hunting!

Originally published March 22 2018, Updated December 16 2020


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Sales hiring is a talent acquisition process through which organizations build winning sales teams. Using standardized sales assessments, situational tests and role-plays can elevate your sales hiring and help you hire the best sales talent.

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