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Hiring Guide: Hire IT Professionals – Stay Ahead

Hiring in itself is a risk – it’s an expensive gamble. You realize the fact that the cost of a bad hiring decision is relatively high. We are talking about thousands of dollars in investments literally down the drain. These are the costs that include recruiting, onboarding, and training; plus to mention all the rigmarole of the hiring process. The job market for IT or tech department is stiffer now more than ever. Yes, to hire IT professionals is literally like finding a needle in a haystack.

Hire IT Professionals – Stay Ahead

It has been projected 10 years from now that the employment of IT professionals will expand to around 12% or equivalent to around 3 to 4 million jobs opening up for tech talents worldwide. The internet with the integration of different big platforms – mobile, social, big data, and the cloud – has made tech flourish in all forms. The supply of expert and experienced candidates for the IT department though cannot seem to keep up with the increasing demand and pace of the market. There is a much narrower recruiting field now for IT talents. There is a shortage of around 200,000 tech workers globally. Now, the pressure to be able to hire IT professionals have been more challenging now than ever. With the integration of assessment tests from top online assessment platforms like Mettl, you can find the right IT professional that matches your organizational requirements.

Hire IT: Ideal Ways Hiring Guide: Hire IT Professionals – Stay Ahead

Want to be a leader of the pack and the corporate chain? Here’s a checklist on how you can effectively hire IT professionals and stay ahead in the industry:

Hire IT professionals with help from an expert recruiter

Hiring people is complicated – tech is much more challenging though invariably all aspects. The recruiter must be able to assess and check on tangible skills. Not every recruiter is qualified to evaluate these skills. An expert recruitment officer can find and hire the right IT professional that can do the job. You can team up with a pro in the tech industry to be in the loop of what particular knowledge base and skill set are required in hiring the right IT talent. You can make smart and informed decisions by hiring an expert mind that can assess the tech skills of candidates.

To Hire IT professionals, be innovative in your approach 

A lot of millennials are looking for companies that are innovative and are generous regarding benefits or incentives. The workforce is said to be composed of around 53% Millennials, and the culture is quite different from what people have been acquainted of years ago. There are diverse options now available for the modern workforce, specifically when it comes to providing work-from-home or telecommuting options, flexible schedules, and a company culture that is respectful of employees. The IT workforce is no different as it scrambles around for the most enticing, lucrative, and important workplace benefits; plus of course not to discount the importance of a hefty paycheck. Companies today must be able to align their goals to coincide with the values of today’s modern workforce.

Hire IT professionals by getting diverse

Most people would find trouble in paradise once diversity comes into the picture – but this unsettling feeling could produce solutions for your business. There is no riddle attached to this presumption. In fact, the lack of diversity in the workplace or workforce has brought about more complications and difficulties in the organizational chain. This explains why more companies are looking into a more diverse pool of IT talents to tap into. A diverse talent pool provides a multitude of opportunities and perspectives that can work to the advantage of companies.

While there are a lot of tech graduates and student who are in pursuit of technology courses, the market has been very choosy when it comes to the workplace environment and culture. Top talents in the IT or tech industry are looking for innovation and game-changing capabilities with companies they work to collaborate or work with. Yes, they have been selective considering that there is shrinkage or shortage of IT workers.

To hire the right IT professional, you need to think outside of the box. More companies today tend to market or sell the company to entice IT professionals to nod to the offer of consolidating or working with the enterprise. This is how the increasing demand has changed the face and pace of the current recruitment process for IT professionals.

The benefits, competitive salaries, bonuses, and perks have been part and parcel now of the recruitment strategy. IT professionals feel confident in their work when they are ensured that they are continuously challenged to grow and develop their skills in the organization.

Now, companies too, have become very choosy with candidates and are looking to hire tech professionals who have extensive experience in creating or designing games and apps. Companies though, continuously provide rigorous training for new hires or new graduates of IT courses. This is seen as an opportunity to tap into the young blood or fresh minds that could be a fundamental game changer in the organization. More organizations now are looking to train and hone candidates who are driven and hungry for learning and acquiring new skills.

While companies are looking for versatility and experience in tech professionals, many brands are looking into the competency and innovative spirit of fresh IT graduates who may offer a new take on the technology department. Many companies see new graduates as the “cream of the crop” and should be regarded as valuable investments that could propel your brand to the next level and the epitome of success.

The digital age has brought about revolutions of sorts, yet the difficulty level of challenges has also become overwhelming for some. Coping up and keeping up with the changes in the tide and seasons is the real challenge for most companies – startups and bigwigs alike. Mettl has made it possible to narrow down your options and find the right match for your brand with assessment tools that can provide you with a bird’s eye view of a potential candidate. Inevitably, how you actually deal with the stumbling blocks and keep the company afloat is the benchmark of success in all aspects of the business.

Originally published March 30 2018, Updated December 17 2020


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