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Talent Assessment | 4 Min Read

Hiring A Great Coder, Much Easier Now

Measure Your Candidates on Skill, Personality and Ability

Although these are some of the common things that the majority of the assessment platforms provide, what differentiates us is the breadth and depth of the content, the services, and analytics we offer. Plus, you can find an all-around evaluation tool on our platform, which, along with focusing on coding skills, also centers on the behavioral and cognitive skills of the candidate.

Want evidence? Have a look at the table below.

Measure candidates on skill, personality and ability

In addition to all these pointers, you also get to evaluate the behavioral and cognitive skills of the candidate along with the obvious technical acumen with speed and precision on a SINGLE PLATFORM. We provide a one-stop shop to assess candidate thoroughly.

Understand personality and behavior of a candidate

Decode the human personality.
Measure via appropriate tools.
Impact your business outcomes.

A coder is what he codes. Agreed. But is that enough? Don’t you want to assess if he/she would fit into the company culture? Don’t you wanna know if he/she is agile to learning? For that matter, don’t you preferably want to know beforehand if the candidate might portray some of the dark traits, which could, in many ways, affect the company culture or employee relations?

Long story short, we help you leverage the maximum of a candidate by finding out his/her true potential. We have psychometric tests that measure important immeasurables and get insights into personality traits and work behavior. Based on the Big Five Personality traits, our in-house psychometric team produces standardized questions with respect to demographics. The data-driven reports generated are reliable, valid, and easy to interpret.

Hiring the best coder is of no use if he/she leaves the company early. There is always a need to assess the interest-level and growth level of the employees at regular intervals. And gone are the days when employers used to test employees on the basis of skills only.

Moreover, for technical job-roles, it becomes necessary to identify the training needs of the existing employees in order to develop them. Or, for that matter, certain organizational planning activities that include employee retention and high potential identification.

Impact Your Business Outcomes

Get Candidate’s Holistic Cognitive Evaluation

Employee knowledge and skills are the backbones of an organization. The ability to learn and applying those learning to succeed in any job role is what cognitive assessments measure. More accurate be the ways to measure a programmer’s cognitive intelligence, better be the quality of candidates intake within an organization.

To hire a candidate for programming role, there is a need to evaluate them on their mental capabilities, ability to perceive things, and absorb new information to solve problems in novel situations. It becomes necessary to assess a coder on logical and critical reasoning, i.e., the ability to retrieve and use information which has been acquired over a lifetime to perform certain tasks.

Even if a candidate doesn’t know scripting or coding (just the basic knowledge), testing them on these parameters could prove a blow in your judgment.

Assess Cognitive Competencies

Nevertheless, a single effort cannot confirm precision. It comes with multiple endeavors performed correctly with a particular goal. Similarly, when hiring programmers, it’s important to measure their potential on various parameters apart from just coding skills. At Mettl, you get a one-stop solution for a thorough evaluation of candidates via online assessments with automated reports, at one place.

Originally published December 13 2018, Updated June 16 2020

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Get awesome marketing content related to Hiring & L&D in your inbox each week

Stay up-to-date with the latest marketing, sales, and service tips and news