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10 Actionable Tips for Writing Your Resume
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Everyone is more or less aware of the basic resume making features like writing down your summary, hard skills as well as soft skills, and providing important information for the human  resources managers to contact you. Mentioned below are some facets of resume you never thought of improving. Have a look:

  • Leverage Resume Making Apps:

Use apps like Canva, VisualCV, and CakeResume which can instantaneously raise the bar of your portfolio a few notches up and are really helpful in designing and making your resume attractive. Uptowork even guides you on the points to include in your curriculum vitae.

  • Align Portfolio with the Job description:

Read the job description properly to align your portfolio to the job description to easily fall into the last few of the selected candidates.

  • Use Keywords for your Industry:

Don’t forget to add your skills and tools, systems, and processes you know as keywords in the right frequency and number- say 2-3 times each in 500-600 words. You can use these statistics widely available on the internet to interpolate or extrapolate keywords and number of words to suit your resume.

  • Add Links to your Projects:

Coming to skills, align all your technical proficiency to your profession and accompanied soft skills reflecting adequately the length and breadth of all that you have done in your professional sphere and achieved in your student life. Add a detailed description of various projects you have done and their links to serve as samples- documents, Google Sheets, presentations, or videos if any.

  • Create a PDF Copy:

Your digital resume has less to be about wordy description and more about real experiences displayed via eligible demonstration and validation. Also, have your resume available in different formats like PDF and DOC to increase its portability.

  • Add Online Badges:

A lot of certification platforms and international universities offer the option of online badges which you can attach to your resume.

  • Add Links to your Social Media Accounts/ Blogs/ Networking Profiles:

Not just that, it’s good to have a link to things you like doing or are passionate about or else is your personal endeavor like your blog website, any video or audio link of your hobbies. Prepare and add a video to your digital resume where you speak in length about skills like communication, negotiation, your hobbies, core skills, or any other accomplishment that you are really proud of. It will reflect who you are, what makes you- you, and what are your intrinsic aspirations and motivations.   

  • Have enough White Balance:

To make your resume aesthetically pleasing, attractive, and easy to be skimmed through, have a great balance between text and space or white balance on your resume.

  • Make a Great Use of Bolds, Caps, and Italics:

When you have the option of bold, caps, and italics, use them generously. Capitalize each word of process, project, specialization, experience, and skill. Italicize and make bold project names and course description or any special achievement.  

  • Align your Cover Letter to CV:

Always have cohesiveness and same messaging across your cover letter and curriculum vitae. Use cover letters when specifically asked by the job descriptions, otherwise, you can give it a skip.

  • Use your Name to Save your File:

You are competing against hundreds of resumes similar to yours. To avoid losing into the whirl of crowd and chaos, save your portfolio as your name. Eg. XYZ_resume.

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Originally published March 08 2019,updated October 12 2019

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