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3 Brand New Trends to Market Your Brands
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Marketing keeps changing. Nothing is as evolving as the marketing domain and with the inflow of new philosophies, marketing practices, and technologies, it’s going to be a lot more competitive. Find below 3 latest trends to mark the industry in the coming future:

  • Video Marketing:

People are consuming a lot of videos these days, a fact which has a huge potential to be leveraged by brands worldwide. The positioning of videos is not a moot point because people are simply in love with video content and be it blogs, social media platforms, or Google My Business profile, website- brands can use videos as a competitive advantage. Businesses are investing in a variety of video marketing tactics to showcase employer branding, product, culture, and industry thought leadership. This will give shape to the video content strategy. Moreover, as many brands are still manoeuvring how to go about it, the brands who do it first and be there on priority would reap huge dividends from it.

  • Account-based Marketing:

One critical upcoming strategy in 2019 and beyond would be account-based marketing. In account-based marketing, marketers would be diving deep into a few selected accounts to focus on establishing relationships, a foot in the door, and nurture this relationship to have a strong ability for the sales team to close the deals. All things being equal between two brands, the key differentiator would be how effectively a brand understands key accounts and builds a share of mind about its key propositions to key accounts’ problems. This would see coming together and the marriage of sales with marketing.

  • Influencer Marketing:

Influencers have started to play an important role in buying decisions and research has also proven that influencer validation has shown to have a high impact on customer’s purchasing decisions. A greater percentage of brands would be creating and converting key influencers in their niche into their product evangelists and leveraging their expanse of followers to attract customers.

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Originally published March 08 2019,updated November 18 2019

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