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3 Career Goals Young People Should Have
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When you are young and just setting out on your journey, it’s usually very difficult to ascertain whether or not you are in the right direction. You tend to be confused without any guide or mentor to help you through the meandering career path. Here are the three points you should be aware about to be sure of your judgement:   

  • Choose a Career where your Passion lies:

The best way you can never get bored from your career is to find a
career in your passion. If your specialization differs from
what your passion, you can always transition in a new career, or take it up as a side gig till you get enough experience to take it up as your career. Even if you don’t wish to take your passion as a career, you should tie your career back to your success- like achieving some targets which impact organizational vision.     

  • Never Stop your Learning:

Never say no to new things. Your learning in your stream shouldn’t
stop in the stream of your career. Participate in as many things as possible, be hard working, learn from your mistakes, and take a lot of feedback to keep your learning agility as per the dynamics of your industry and market. Spend some hours to read something new every day to build new knowledge and explore what the recent trends and business intelligence marking your industry is to stay ahead of everyone.  

  • Maintain your Work-life Balance from the Start:

To be adapted to a certain discipline and rhythm in professional life, it’s good to maintain a good work-life balance to set the process for the rest of your career. This will help you develop healthy habits and take care of your physical and mental health.

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Originally published April 12 2019,updated October 12 2019

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