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3 Creative Ways to Prioritize your Small Business Ideas
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With hundreds of advice, innovative suggestions, and other business ideas crowding your desktop space or mobile notifications, how do you prioritize which one to implement, which one to discard, which one to follow, and if you are thinking of implementing a lot of changes, how do you decide which one is going to be the first.   

You don’t need to implement all the changes at one go. You can take your time to let the employees get adjusted to the grind of changes and adoption to new policies. While deciding on which changes need to be prioritized and implemented first, have in mind these 3 filters through which you should pass them:

  • The indispensability of the changes

Just think about the indispensability of an idea to decide whether or not that idea is worth taking up in the now. Answer your own questions like can the employees and business run without it for some time? Will it affect any ongoing tasks? Will it give me any profits? What are the pros and cons of it and if the pros of the idea for my business overtakes the cons the idea possesses? 

  • Is it to be done without further delay? 

Not all things can be done simultaneously and in the same order of priority. First things need to be done first. The order of prioritization and placing a number to it on a scale of 10, gives you a figure of importance and immediacy to it for you to consider while whittling the number of propositions.

  • Would not implementing the idea lead to a business loss?

How much in negative factor do you consider the business loss could be if the idea is not implemented. This kind of measurement gives you a fair idea of the most successful and best business ideas that will really work for you and increase your business efficiency.     

All the three filters point can be your formula to gauge the urgency of the idea and then, you can decide to give it a go-ahead.

Topics: HR News and Trends

Originally published August 30 2019,updated December 07 2019

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