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3 Data Science Use-Cases for Marketers
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Data science has been finding its place in marketing gradually.  What seemed like a completely different specialization is being seamlessly and smoothly leveraged as a part of marketing. It helps not using both the arms as standalone subjects but achieving an integration of the both to benefit an organization to a huge level. Here’s some of the ways data science can make marketing better.

  • Understanding Consumer Behavior Pattern:

Demographic data like age, gender, and the location aren't the only consumer pattern behavior that you get to know through effectively segmenting people, making their profiles, and targeting them accordingly. These are just the surface elements and when you go deeper into data, there’s a wealth of information like- professional email ids, the device being used for surfing the internet, and the company the person works for-  can make a world of difference in understanding the lead’s problems and offering the right solutions.

  • Nurturing the Leads:

By understanding leads through different insights they leave at each step, you can help them take the next step in the sales cycle- awareness, consideration, deciding, and finally purchasing. You are capturing insightful data about leads through AI, machine learning, and big data all working together and you can know in precise details about what they were searching for, what they would want to buy, advertising to them at the right places at the right time, and then helping them make the decisions.    

  • Advertisement Revenue RoI:

By measuring what advertising and marketing efforts and investments are converting into- the impact as well as the results (RoI)- will help you tweak your future advertisement strategies. You can know what’s working through A/B testing, have a detailed content marketing and advertising strategy for the future, and effectively targeting the right audience.

Topics: HR News and Trends

Originally published March 22 2019,updated January 22 2020

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