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3 Digital Marketing Trends that will Define 2019
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  • AI will Increasingly define Lead Sorting, Filtering, and Progression:

How data is collected about prospective leads through various customer-touchpoint interactions through the website, social, and third-party websites will power the AI-based technology. AI will make better and informed decisions on lead targeting. A lot of marketing automation software already use AI to give unique insights and data analysis but these insights will be increasingly in-depth.

  • Voice search SEO on Personal Digital Assistants:

As personal digital assistants finally come to our homes and take on our lives, voice search SEO will be of greater importance and consequences for marketing budget of organizations. People will be shifting to quick responses in crisp snippets instead of typing their queries which companies need to fulfill by structuring their content accordingly with keywords based around topics that people actually use like nearby restaurants or the best ATS.

  • Targeted Influencer Marketing:

An increased focus will be on seeking the right influencers for the right market. To gain more buck for the bang, brands will make smart moves in identifying effective influencers- nano, micro, or macro influencers- to suit the kind of market and industry they play at. While nano influencers give deep market penetration for niche and localized demands, macro influencers cater to large organizations and their wide array of solutions.

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Originally published January 11 2019,updated October 12 2019

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