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3 Important Tips to Content-Driven Marketing
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The approach for effective content-driven marketing is as follows:

  • Creating the Most Accurate Possible Buyer Persona-

To serve personalized or customized content to your target audience, it’s indispensable to develop a buyer’s profile mimicking the needs and preferences of the actual customer. Don’t just stick to the surface of a buyer persona but create an in-depth and very detailed picture of what the customer is actually looking for. Conduct a lot of surveys, study your social media feedbacks, testimonials, and negative reviews to improve your product specifications, actively listen to customer’s problems over the calls or any other platform. Be really picky about how you delineate your prospective customer’s image or persona through active social listening and focused group discussions, and researching massively about the market dynamics.

  • Creating Topic Clusters-

Across the buyer journey stages like awareness, consideration, and the final purchase, create a broad list of topic clusters consisting of topics and subtopics around the pain points of your customers and the possible solutions of those challenges. Your content-based approach in reaching your audience will work really well for you and will spell success for your SEO and marketing efforts.  

  • Build a Share of Mind-

Along with the strategy to hit the problems of the audience with the right content, subtly introduce them to your products and services that can easily offer solutions to their challenges. Build a share of mind about your products through strategic content planning so that people come to your website directly and organically without much of your efforts. A very important step at this point had been giving them the right avenues to come and review the product through lead flows, relevant CTA, and the logical next steps.

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Originally published February 04 2019,updated October 12 2019

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