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3 Must-Ask Employee Screening Questions
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To get the ideal candidate for your organization, there are different questions that need to be asked. But three things which shouldn't be missed ideally are:  

  • Two Best and Worst Qualities of their Manager:

Asking a candidate the best and worst qualities about their previous managers reveals a lot. It lets you know- what skills the candidate appreciates more and whether or not the person knows how to handle bad qualities or problem areas. Not just problem-solving skills, this question also divulges the honesty, cultural fitment, integrity, and working demeanor of the person.

  • Narrate a Story about a Professional Situation which was very Difficult to Overcome:

To find the right candidates for your organization, it’s essential to know how would they deal with challenges or problems a new role presents.  Ask the candidates to narrate a story about a difficult professional situation and how did they overcome the situation, their approach towards challenges, and the kinds of issues they consider challenging.

  • Worst Goof-up and How did you Improve it:

It’s crucial to ask candidates about any goof-up that happened and the steps taken by them to improve on their mistakes and learn from it. Do they blame someone else for the issue, or organizational lapse, or honestly confess to a problem caused by them, and how they used corrective steps and behavior for the course improvement.

Topics: Human Resources

Originally published April 12 2019,updated October 12 2019

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