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3 Pillars That Help You Hire Top Talent
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Luring the top cream is no child’s play, you need to be innovative and think differently. It is going to be beyond simple ideas, it needs to be structured strategies. Humans are the ones that will decide the future of your business. Learning to get the best one may just increase chances of succeeding and who doesn’t want that?

Mettl has been actively assisting its clients to find and hire the right talent for more than 10 years now. From our experience, we can firmly say that there are 3 critical elements no serious organization can skip, if they are to hire the top talent:

Business Context- Before you float a single requisition, you must have answers to these questions:

  1. At what stage is my business? Just getting started, on a comfortable level or ready to expand with a low risk to business revenues or operations? Am I looking to hire beginner, intermediate or leadership roles?

  2. What geographies I am planning to operate or expand? Locally, within states or on a global level?
  1. What industry I am operating in and how’s the talent pool? Are candidates readily available or the pool is too scarce to pick from?
Competencies- Once you get clarity about the kind of people you want to hire, the next step is to identify competencies that are required to excel in that role. For instance, salespeople must have persuasion and empathy to do a good job whereas a leadership position might require analytical skills and ability to cope with pressure to perform at par. Make a list of the positions you want to hire and then, assign grades to the competencies to be assessed and set thresholds to hire. Then, conduct the battery of assessments accordingly.

Fitment- People working across industries have different expectations from their roles. It’s important that your future employees’ beliefs and behaviors are aligned to your organizational value and missions. If you follow the “whip” model and employees desire flexibility, it’s a misfit.

The days are gone when instincts use to drive hiring decisions. Now, data is ruling the charts and that must apply to your hiring as well. The ideal hiring process should be an amalgamation of these three elements only. Going forward, your interview process must also focus on assessing the candidates on competencies and fitment, if you want to hire the best, rockstar employees.

Bring these 3 pillars into practice and see how they help you find your perfect match. And when they work do not hesitate in spreading the wisdom to others!!

Topics: Human Resource

Originally published August 21 2018,updated November 18 2019

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