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3 Unique Approaches to Employee Training and Professional Development
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Training and development costs run extremely high in organizations and yet employees don’t attend such programs. Sometimes the training isn’t suited to the needs of an employee or isn’t flexible enough for them to attend. What can employers and organizations do about this? Some challenges and solutions:

  • Flexible and Incentivized Training:

Employees often don’t attend training and development programs because of limited time and different priorities. If training is made flexible so that the employees can access them from anywhere anytime and can learn at their convenience and as per their pace, more employees will be willing to take up such programs. Present training and microlearning classes material in short bursts of information which are easily digestible  recorded videos and on-demand content. Moreover, incentivize training for your employees through additional leaves, gourmet basket, or free gym membership.

  • Pre-training and Post-training Assessment:

For a high adoption rate of training programs. It’s important to make them relevant to the trainer. To ascertain this, have a pre-training assessment called training need assessment to assess people for where they are lagging. Align and streamline your training programs in accordance with relanvancy, need, and the skills where the employees are lagging. After your learning and development programs, have a post-training assessment to know how effective and impactful the training has been.

  • Plan on Infrastructure:

A major cause of training not being successful is not planning for them in advance. If you are thinking of coming up with a training program inside the organization, always have an infrastructure assessment. Think of all kinds of equipment to make training successful and check whether or not you have them like LMS, videos, rooms, people, technological tools, and the learning material.

Topics: Human Resources

Originally published April 12 2019,updated October 12 2019

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