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4 Important Tips to Building Emotional Quotient
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Emotional quotient is having a human touch to everything you do and not to become robotic or automated in your talks, approaches, dealings with people, and your communication style. People should be comfortable bringing their problems to you, in reaching you without hiccups, and placing their trust in you.    

  • Being Self-aware:

Human emotions and feelings are the same everywhere. When you understand yourself completely and are thoroughly aware of own feelings- like how you feel when appreciated, when criticized, when burdened with a lot of responsibilities, when given clear-cut KRAs about your roles and responsibilities, when someone takes care of your personal interests, so on and so forth. When you are better aware how you fell in different situations, you are able to understand how others will react and feel and behave in various situations and you are able to deal with them in a better way. You are even able to relate with people and prepare better for different reactions of others- like if they behave in this way, you will take a certain route, and another way in another reaction.

  • Be a Great Listener:

In order to understand others feelings well, you have to be aware of their personal interests, preferences, and idiosyncrasies to gauge the better. In the workplace, if you wish to derive the maximum out of people, have open communication with everyone, and be on good terms with the employees, it’s crucial to listen attentively. Not everyone is an effective leader, they just listen for the sake of it or else don’t listen at all- they interrupt and put their points first. To be better able to put yourself in others’ shoes and understand where they are coming from with respect to their behavior and actions, listen to them, get useful information about them from what they say, and use those cues to better communicate and collaborate with people resulting in better results and greater RoI.  

  • Reading Voraciously:

The best way to understand different cultures, religious practices, cultural differences from around the world, reading will be your best friend. You never know what is really close to someone’s heart and you could probably hurt them inadvertently and to add to it, you will never get to know until you come to know of such customs somehow. Not just religions and culture, reading opens to you different kinds of personality traits people have, what suits them and what are their strengths and weaknesses- which you can leverage to design their KRAs and KPIs or else get them started on conversations. Moreover, building your emotional quotient helps you better design your brand voice and story, and marketing initiatives and advertisements.

  • Talk to Different People:

Apart from listening to people, laying a strong foundation of your emotional quotient is also dependent on talking to various people from different backgrounds and with various ideas. Go out with them, talk what they like, what they value- anything that gives you an inkling about their personality which opens your mind to a variety of notions, ideas, concepts, and plans. This helps you remove any awkwardness that might creep in the next time you are conversing with people, you take time to react to things, delay your response, not react to gossips, bad talks, and criticisms easily, and stop judging and second-guessing people. You are able to internalize a lot of behavioral habits which make you an effective leader, a better manager, and all-in-all a people’s person.

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Originally published January 23 2019,updated October 12 2019

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