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4 Important Tips to Help an Employee Recovering at Work
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Sometimes employees suffer from some ailments which are not recovered within the limited number of medical or sick leaves available at the organization. How do you cope with such exigency? Do you have a strategy or plan laid-out for such cases? If not, check what all can you do:

  • Leaves without Pay Cut:

Whenever an employee is taken seriously ill or is still recovering from an ailment, understand that illness is never deliberate. Communicate to the employees effectively and give them enough leeway to attend the office when they feel perfectly alright. Offer them an extended leave period without pay cut to recover completely before they attend the office.  

  • Flexible Hours:

When an employee is recovering, allow them to attend the office as per their convenience. There should be no strict punch-in and punch-out system that applies to them. They should be able to decide when to come for important meetings for a few hours or if they would want to attend them via video technology.

  • MediClaim Policies:

Offer an extensive network of doctors with a presence in multiple locations so that employees don’t have a hard time visiting specified doctors mentioned in mediclaim policies. Your endeavors must remain to cover the maximum medical expenses of such employees.

  • Reimbursements of Conveyance:

If an employee is sick but it’s necessary for them to be present in the office for crucial meetings, their private conveyance arrangements to and fro from the office could be reimbursed.

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Originally published April 12 2019,updated December 07 2019

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