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4 Path-Paving Questions to Ask When Networking
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When you want to ask a professional on LinkedIn whether or not they would be interested in sharing your resume to the HR professionals or you would want to ask them directly for a job, them being mangares, what do you do? It’s a difficult proposition and one where you are bound to be taken as intrusive and pushy with your job search.

Mentioned here are some questions you should ask before approaching a professional on LinkedIn for a job search:

  • I have looked at your LinkedIn profile and I saw that you have grown through the ranks in the same organization. Is there a transparent structure for career progression in your organization?

This question has to be started with some background to it. You are trying to say you feel certain things to be a pattern in the organization and wanting to know the truth with the words of the person you’re posing the question to.

Not only this question is trying to build an initial rapport and relationship with the other party, but also posing a question that looks relevant. It shows your interest about knowing the company from the inside out from the person who have shown a career progression being in the organization.

  • How’s the culture in the organization?

This question is crucial if you want a culture where there is optimum work-life balance, a straightforward path to collaborate and grow in your field, and defined set of KRAs. This question, in a short and crisp way, says you want to be sure of your cultural fitment for the organization.

  • What would be the career growth for a person in the ______ field? 

This question accentuates your job search networking. It would clearly appear that since you are specifically asking about this profile, you genuinely care for your profile as well as its growth inside the organization. It also defines how you want to be sure about your search before you apply for the position or ask the person for a reference.   

  • What kind of candidates does the organization look for for the profile of _______?

This question essentially bolsters your need to understand what are the skills, capabilities, and talent the company values and to check yourself on those parameters. If there’s a great semblance in what the company is looking for and what you bring to the table, it will lay the foundation for your next question of offering your candidature.

Topics: HR News and Trends

Originally published April 19 2019,updated January 22 2020

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