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4 Surefire Tips to Hire Employees Away From their Existing Job
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Although we discourage the practice of mass recruiting qualifying as poaching, we do hire people actively seeking jobs. You can find the candidate through job boards, social media and professional networks such as Linkedin.

  • Negotiate Differently With “Active” and “Passive” Candidates

If you try and hire passive candidates, the compensation is going to be the differentiating factor. All too often; passive candidates expect a higher pay than active candidates and offering them a higher remuneration can convince them that your workplace is better than where they are right now.

  • Use Growth Opportunities to Persuade

Candidates with a desire to grow and excel in their career give more weightage to fast track opportunities while shifting jobs. Making them believe that the growth trajectory in your organization is better and the odds of reaching an authority position is more fruitful and less time intensive, and you are already a step ahead of the game. For instance, what’s a better bet? Reaching a mid-management position in 10 years or 6 years? A 4 year fast-track promise can make all the difference to attract highly ambitious and potential candidates.

  • Boast About Company Culture and Perks

In today’s recruitment arena, offering a higher pay isn’t good enough to attract high potentials. Candidates assess the overall picture in terms of perks and work-life balance before signing on the dotted line. Flaunt your work culture to the best of your abilities whether it’s remote working, flexi-timing, paid leaves, child care, tuition assistance or any other employee perk under the sun. Make them believe that your organization offers a unique blend of work and play, and you are good to go.

  • Pay Attention to Exclusive Needs

Although pay and perks dominate candidate decisions, you can also play on other factors too. If you notice patterns in candidate resumes, you are most likely to notice individual preferences. Brand association is one of them that carries a high weightage. Other than that, you can also check for the preferred location of the candidate. If your job requires them to relocate to an area of their chance; it solves half of the problems of both parties and is a win-win situation.

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Originally published September 12 2018,updated May 27 2020

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