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4 Terrific Tips to Measure Marketing Success
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It’s one thing leveraging the best of marketing tactics to brand your products, it’s another thing to measure the results of such marketing initiatives. Measuring the results is as important as doing any marketing campaign.

Listed below are some ways to measure your marketing efforts:

  • The Number of Conversions from Content:

The website traffic and number of impressions have become ancillary metrics to the primary metric of the number of conversions from each channel and content piece. It’s important to measure how many leads have signed up for your website subscription, how many leads actually converted into customers, and the business revenue they generated. The marketing function has to stand as a pure-play business function along with supporting the foundation of business branding and value.   

  • The Number of Organic Mentions:

Regularly check how many people have mentioned you on their social media platforms, given you positive reviews on third-party review sites, and engaged satisfactorily with your touchpoints across various channels and left positive recommendations about you. The number of organic mentions is a huge metric of digital success.    

  • Word-of-Mouth Referrals:

The number of influencers quoting your platforms, giving word of mouth referrals and recommendations for your brand as well as the products works as a big shout out for you. It instantly proves your product features have been successful in turning them into influencers and evangelists for your products and brand, in general.

  • Chats:

For any marketing campaign or event, check if there is an increase in the number of queries in your chat engine. If a campaign brings more people to the chat and pushes them to engage with your chatbot asking about such campaigns, it’s considered as a positive metric for your digital success.

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Originally published April 19 2019,updated February 22 2020

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