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4 Terrific Ways to Write Email Introduction
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Writing email introduction is a difficult ballgame altogether. Maintaining the right balance between formal tone of language and informal flair doesn’t come easy. Keep these 4 pointers in mind to not go wrong with writing an email. (Bonus point: There’s a terrific example attached at the bottom of the post).    

  • Mails should be Personalized and Offer Solutions :

Make the email texts personalized involving the name of the person you are writing to. Don’t treat them as Mr. or Miss X. Your subject line and the body must solve the reader’s pain points and offer solutions to their challenges.  

  • Conversational and Not Robotic:

Keep the tone, flair, and content of the email text conversational and not robotic. The people should love to open the emails and your email should raise their curiosity level to another level. The content must create enough curiosity for your readers to open it.

  • Not Pushy:

Never be too pushy or forceful or authoritative in your language tone or you might risk either being spammed, blocked, or being remembered as rude. The person you send email to would never open your email and would never get to know what you are trying to say defeating your whole purpose.

  • Highlight what you Want them to See:

You wish your readers to see what you want them to see. So, make sure they do by highlighting the important elements in your email body that would immediately catch their attention.  


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Originally published April 12 2019,updated November 18 2019

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