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5 Critical Ways to Conduct a Workplace Investigation
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It’s difficult to conduct a workplace investigation but when the time calls for it, you are liable to do it. There has to be a set procedure as these cases fall under matters of confidentiality    

  • Talk to Both Sides Involved in a Conflict:

Conflicts, complaints, and grievances are a part of the business. When two parties are involved in a process- be it work related communication or personal talk, certainly, they won’t be agreeing on all the terms. The role of an HR or business leader is to not let it get ugly even while playing the role of investigator collecting evidence and conducting interviews. The best way to resolve conflicts is to bring employees involved in confidence. Convince both parties that a meeting fixed for a conflict resolution is not about proving who is right or who is wrong. Moreover, the meeting won’t end up in any punitive actions or penalties inflicted upon any party for wrongdoings and there will be no asks like demanding anyone to resign. It’s about assimilating the differences and working around them to find the best recommendations and solution that works for both sides. This approach ensures both sides agree and appreciate about the solution being a stepping stone for avoiding future failures or conflicts.

  • Make Use of CCTV Footage:

Investigations for charges like theft of tangible property like a smartphone or intangible like data can be checked with the CCTV footage that might have been present at the site of an incident. 

  • Document the Investigations:

Documenting the investigations is as crucial as doing the investigations to steer clear of any brand damage in the future or legal consequences arising from an incident. You should have documented management of conflicts for reference retrospectively or alternative and new claims arising against workplace judgments and decisions.   

  • Keep a Legal Counsel:

To stave off emergent GDPR implementation and data privacy challenges and any other internal conflict, organizations must have an up-to-date and keen awareness about how compliance to legislation is established at all levels of organizational workflow, systems, tools, and processes. Companies should have legal counsel onboard which can fully comprehend the business operations and the immediacy of adapting to wider digitization wave and Industry 4.0 balancing it with right privacy laws at right levels.

  • Talk to Other Witness of a Conflict: 

If there was no CCTV image or video captured, talking to witnesses present at the time and site of the incident can foolproof your investigations and save you from claims of impropriety, partiality, discrimination, reputational damage, defamation, and misconstruation. Apart from this, you should consider involving line managers and other management authorities in investigations to better able to make decisions.

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Originally published August 30 2019,updated February 22 2020

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