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5 Rookie Mistakes to Avoid While Running Google Ads
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Not Targeting the Right Keywords

Most adwords marketers fail to conduct an extensive keyword research and segment the right audience for the campaigns. As a result, they end up sending swathes of irrelevant traffic to the ads that get the clicks, but no action thereafter that leads to huge wastage of adwords budget. More often than not, adwords marketers also target pretty broad keywords without segregating them into sections such as business keywords, high purchase intent keywords and long-tail keywords and end up getting little to no results from adwords efforts.

Not Analyzing Competitor Keywords

Although it’s fine to get your own stream of keywords in adword campaigns, one shouldn’t overlook the importance of competitor analysis. Marketers undermine the value of analyzing the competition and learning what all keywords they are targeting that make sense and therefore, falter on targeting again.

Selecting the Wrong Time Window

Running ads when the least amount of searches happen in a geography is a rookie mistake that even seasoned adwords professionals are guilty of committing. As they do it, they end up getting little to no traction on the ads that also show as incorrect insights on the reports they fetch. One mistake leads to the other and the entire strategy suffers in the end.

Not Utilizing Google’s Demographic and Ad-Targeting Filters Effectively

Marketers also fail in filtering ads according to age-groups and geography that leads to incomplete and incorrect targeting.

Low Quality Scores

All too often, there is little to no relevance between the targeted keywords, the displayed ads and the content present in the landing pages. In such cases, the ad promises a value that the landing page fails to deliver.

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Originally published September 27 2018,updated November 18 2019

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