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5 Steps to Nail being a Product Manager
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It’s not easy getting pass an AI-based system, through the difficult questions of human resources managers, and finally getting that coveted prize of being a product manager. Make sure you get these things right before you do anything else:

  • Show ‘em the Competencies and the Experience:

The first step to getting hired as a product manager is to effectively show the hiring managers why exactly you think you will fit the role. Tell them about your competencies like curiosity, collaboration, inquisitiveness, business-centric knowledge, and conducting in-depth research about the market. It seems quite difficult to prove your point with no relevant experience. The best way out is to showcase your transferable skills or skill overlap from previous scholastic or professional engagements that exemplify your curiosity or business-centric understanding- any project or prototype you might have developed as part of your project assignments or organizational projects.

Basically, to get hired as a product manager you have to first understand the anatomy of the role and show the relevant experience.

  • Use Relevant Keywords:

When you are creating your resume, ensure that it gets through the AI guards that linger between the actual hiring managers and you. Tweak your previous projects and assignments to show your competencies and equip your portfolio with the right keywords in right frequency about the projects.

A Bonus Tip: Google the best or top keywords for the job role of a product manager and it will show you the relevancy and the right words to target.

  • Get a Hands-on Experience in Competitor Analysis:

To be a product manager, you have to know the inside out of the market, the needs and challenges of the target group, and the area wherein you can find a gap wide enough to create a product- and research is the instrument for all these dimensions. Learn deep competitor analysis and become a voracious researcher- know about elements that will go into what your product USP will be and play around it- talk from the point of view of your previous experience, projects, and assignments- not just from inside the box but from outside the box too.

  • Visit Product Launches and Other Business Events:

When you talk to people who have already been product managers and attend events like product launches and business seminars- you get to expand your information network and get a first-hand experience of creating business strategies around your niche. Building connect in an increasingly connected world is difficult but crucial to be in the shoes of a product manager- you have to be highly motivated and leave your introvert nature on the side to go out and talk to the real people behind big product launches- how they do it, what they do, and why (the strategy part) they do it.

  • Ground-level Execution Know-how:

You can’t create a great product sitting in a box. When you are thinking to create an innovative product that solves all the problems of your target audience from the ground-up, you really have to leave your plush offices to be there on the ground with the right target group - talking to them about the challenges they face in doing or achieving a certain task, the gap between market supply and demands, and what they wish there was that could help alleviate their pain points- those are just the elements you need to incorporate in your product and for now, in your CV.

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Originally published February 04 2019,updated June 07 2020

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