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5 Tactics to Effective Workforce Planning for 2019
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Usually, the planning should start with a detailed sit-down with all stakeholders like subject matter experts, CIOs, and CTOs to understand a lot of details pertaining to:

  • Various educational proficiencies or technological competencies that you need to hire for. Also take into consideration the list of skills which can be trained in-house to already existing employees and whether or not you will require people for other highly specialized skills.

  • The data from the previous year of the number of client requests which you weren't able to complete owing to technological skill gaps like Python and Ajax. Plan meticulously for skills that are highly relevant to our industry and market, lacunae in our system which we aren’t able to close, and also any specific requirement that will arise as part of capturing new territories, clients, or niche area.   

  • Moreover, make it a point to a have a Matrix of Workflow Framework based on the role and technologies that will be required in the tech space in your company. For each role like the front end, back end, or database engineering, check the technological skills and competencies related to tools, processes, and systems that will be needed such as AI, machine learning, database management, data analytics, and security. That will give you a clear picture of where you are and where you want to be with regards to the next year and beyond.

  • Plan in advance about internal training and L&D initiatives for your existing base of employees. Work specifically on skills which could be optimized and aligned with new technologies and skills while at the same time synchronizing ways to increase the learning agility of your workforce. A highly agile workforce comes with its own perks like a quick turnaround in learning new skills and competencies and unlearning the old practices. 

  • When it comes to hiring and recruiting the right people for the right job roles, we take a  slow and steady approach to cut down on expenses and not spend exorbitantly in onboarding a lot of people simultaneously. Employees are hired in a definite order and that makes prioritization of job specifications and current value to the organization important to consider. It’s our essential hiring strategy to focus simultaneously on the pay scales of different job roles and parity in compensation and benefits with the market as well as the industry to lower our attrition and turnover rates. That comes with our philosophy of having a long-term engagement with our employees because if we are investing highly in the effective recruitment of engineers, we don’t want them to move out soon.

Topics: Human Resource

Originally published December 07 2018,updated November 18 2019

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