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6 Questions to Ask Before Hiring an SEO Company
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Here are the questions to be asked before you hire an SEO agency:
1. Do they claim to build page rankings overnight?

If your SEO agency makes extravagant claims like winning first page rankings overnight or within a short span of time, it’s a completely fraudulent claim. The Google algorithms are complex and give weight to a variety of factors before you start to rank on the first page of any search engine.

2. Do they use black hat SEO strategies?

A lot of shady agencies can indulge in multiple black hat SEO strategies to trick Google and then, end up inviting penalties that do more harm than good.

3. Do they use white hat SEO strategies?

Hire an agency which leverages only white hat SEO strategies which Google approves of and which wouldn't attract any penalties. Check if they use quality and relevant backlinks from authority sites, improve the On-Page SEO for great user experience, increase the average page duration, and improve the page load time.

4. What type of content formats do they use?

Look whether or not they use a variety of content formats and channels such as white papers, blogs, ebooks, reports, and other thought leadership content.

5. What’s the pricing model?

  • Goal-Based Pricing: A model where you pay only when one of the agreeable outcomes is achieved ranging from organic traffic to a boost in the organic keyword(s) to increase in search traffic across different geographies.

  • Backlink-Based Pricing: A model where you pay only when the agency makes backlinks from high authority websites. Filter with various parameters such as the domain authority, minimum search traffic the site gets, minimum organic keywords the site ranks for, and others.

6. Has the agency worked in the similar niche as yours?

If your SEO agency has worked with similar kind of clients or businesses as you in the past, you can be sure of your SEO success. Look for other intricacies like how they pulled traffic and search engine rankings, how they built a quality backlink profile for the past clients, and in what time.

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Originally published January 28 2019,updated November 18 2019

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