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7 Habits to Help with Productivity
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  • Tap the Untapped Time:

Check your daily schedule for everyday pockets of unavoidable unproductive time and make them productive to the extent possible. Take, for example, your daily commute to the office which you can easily make productive by utilizing the time to read books or listen to audiobooks and podcasts on latest news marking your industry, your favorite authors, or any reading material you have been eyeing for a long time- anything that makes your ride worthwhile and gives you lot of fodder for your mind to keep yourself updated and creative.

  • Cut Down on Constant Interruptions:

Throughout your day a lot of activities, events, and people will demand their share of attention, which we are often tempted to give in to because we think it will hardly take any time to have a quick word with someone or to help your colleague with a minor thing. But it’s a good note of advice to always keep a different slot for everything every day on your calendar. while you are at a task, give it your unwavering attention and undiverted focus. Break your calendar into segments and block them for meetings, helping colleagues or teammates, and discussions. It helps to have the same schedule every day to make it a habit and make your brain adapt to a practice before it becomes your second nature apart from the fact that nobody else can use your scheduled time ensuring you remain focused and dedicated to your schedule religiously.

  • Don’t Keep Checking your Emails:

Perhaps the most time draining and biggest distraction happens to be emails. There are multitudes of emails streaming and landing in your inbox all the time and if you don’t make it a point to not pay attention to them, you will end up wasting a lot of time. The best way out of this situation is to dedicate intermittent slots throughout the day for checking emails or to check them when you are taking a downtime.

  • Limit Unnecessary Office Talk:

Stay extremely focused on not to waste your time on the chat platform, which your business system provides to discuss something important from the comforts of your seat, for unnecessary chats and also don’t take too much time discussing politics, movies, and sports near the water cooler or adjacently sitting colleagues. It not just wastes your time but also of your colleagues. Leverage lunchtime or after-office hours to catch up on everything latest.

  • Leverage Modern Cloud-based Platforms:

Use apps like Evernote or your phone’s note making applications for anything that strikes you anytime or that needs to be taken care of now but can wait a little longer and will disrupt your work which you are doing currently if you happen to take it up. Have apps for accessing books anytime like Lithium and Kindle which will save you time if you are stuck in something unproductive and equally help you gain a plethora of information.

  • Focus on Health:

Perhaps the most underrated and often untold recipe to be productive is to focus greatly on health. While this might sound like it’s going nowhere and off-the-track, health is an important parameter to stay productive. How? Because unplanned sick leaves disrupt your work and to get back at work with the same concentration and focus takes some time.

  • Stay Motivated and Focused:

If you are less than motivated, passionate, and inspired for your work, it lowers your productivity levels because inherent and intrinsic motivations result in effortless productivity.

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Originally published February 04 2019,updated October 12 2019

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