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8 Must-Know Lucrative & Low-Cost Marketing Methods
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You always thought marketing is costly. But what if marketing for your brand could be done easily, without investing a lot of money, and breaking your financial back? Check this list to know more:

  • Use Public Relations Tool:

There are a number of public relations tool available online like Muck Rack, Buzz Sumo, and HARO which you can use to reach the right influencers, journalists, and PR agents to get your word out and establish a share of mind about your thought leadership and product and market knowledge prowess. It will create brand recognition and awareness for your brand at a marginal cost.   

  • Run Ads:

Depending on the kind of business model you work in, run ads on such social media platforms and for those keywords which suit your business niche and target audience. Have a terrific content written for such ads which capture the attention of the viewers, not directly selling or pushing your products, but resolving the pain points of your customers.  

  • Some Sort of Reward:

You can always give freebies- a sample of your product whether it’s a B2B business or a B2C business. It will give them an insight into how your products will really help them resolve your issues and challenges. It’s a way of testifying and showcasing to your audience, that your product does what it says.

  • Use Video Testimonials of your Loyal customers:

You don’t need to own heavy video technology and camera equipment for videos as long as you can rent such services. Ask your customers for their reviews- ask them specific questions regarding what they like best about your

product and what were their initial challenges which the product helped solve.

  • Run a ‘giving back’ campaign:

Customers are hugely impacted by products which can help them do their part for charity and social responsibility. It adds as an added advantage to them- if they could offer their money for some greater cause along with buying the product that you sell.  

  • Referral program:

Whenever a customer buys a product, ask them to refer to their friends and turn them into your word of mouth referrals in exchange of discounts for your further purchase as well as for customer’s friends.

  • Webinars:

Call leaders and influencers in your niche to attend and be a part of your webinar. It can be very low-cost and yet cost-effective method to send out a word about your brand in the market.  

  • Conduct a Survey and offer a Free Report:

Create a thought leadership piece, conduct a survey of leaders, customers, and influencers in your market niche, and publish results from such surveys in a short report. Send such reports through emails to your subscription list and offer it as a downloadable content on your website in exchange for their email ids.

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Originally published April 19 2019,updated May 27 2020

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