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9 to 5? Every Day? Setting Goals and Objectives for Employees
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Let’s agree on this thing- not all work in the business is creative, interesting, and fun. Some tasks can get boring after the honeymoon period is over. One of the many examples is the work of the database team, which collects and maintains records of data, can sometimes be very menial, uninspiring, and monotonous. They are repeatedly doing the same task every day from 9 to 5. Showing the importance of goal setting and motivation to such employees are more difficult than for any other teams which have a variety of tasks on their plate. That’s all the more reason why motivating the database team is crucial because they churn out the basic requirements for every other department.

What you can do is show them continuously through weekly stand-up meetings, continuous and comprehensive feedback, and emails how their work is important and culminates into scaling up the lead generation process which eventually impacts the business growth. And it should be a regular process when you close a deal, or an event generates a lot of high-potential tickets, or you garner backlinks from good sources- there’s a good word that should be dropped to all in the organization.

Talking of another strategy, give a general and broader concept to the employees to be developed from the ground up. For example, instead of saying this is the geography you are pursuing through this channel and this is the estimate potential we are looking at, give a bigger challenge like saying we want to explore this geography. Ask them to explore their options, do in-depth research, reach anyone in the organization directly, leverage all tools, applications, and processes, and to come up with ideas and present to everyone in a stand-up meeting. 

This gives employees a strong world view of marketing and business dynamics, understanding the business from different departments' perspectives, and gain hands-on experience of the whys, hows, and whats of handling a bigger project with organization-wide impact. The beauty of this mature handling of business imperatives and smart goal-setting is- it leads them to develop an entrepreneurial bent of mind. Sharing power with employees in decision-making cultivates a thriving ecosystem of ideas and is the capstone of an engaging culture.

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Originally published August 30 2019,updated December 07 2019

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