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Ace your Performance Review Interview
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If you wish to be given additional responsibilities and authority at your workplace, you have to prove your mettle. A major part of the performance review is about able to communicate what all you have done that will validate your competencies and capabilities.

Keep in mind these recommendations while presenting your answer:

  • Appreciation Emails:

Say about your appreciation emails from customers, clients, peers, department head, immediate supervisor, or any person from any other department you often collaborate with. It’s a great way to show your achievements according to how others perceive you. It acts as a great validation of your subject area expertise, cross-departmental collaboration capabilities, and requisite job skills.

  • Back your Claims with Data:

Always remember to add data and numbers to what you are saying. It boosts your claims, fortifies your achievements, and help you show how your efforts had an equivalent and corresponding organizational growth. Mention how your KPIs and KRAs are aligned with the company's future objectives and visions. Moreover, build your answers around the past challenges and your contributions in overcoming these challenges. Back the data with a graph of business trajectory, your efforts help the company make.

  • A Summary of Intangible Benefits:

Not every achievement you have accomplished can be quantified. Like the impact on the overall bigger picture and achievement of the company's bigger objectives. Tie back the details about any such effort of yours- be it mentoring teammates or taking additional responsibilities- to the achievement of the organization’s goal and profit benchmarks

  • Elaborate on Certifications:

Tell the performance review team how you have completed various certifications parallel to your assignments at the workplace. The certifications speak volumes about your domain expertise and authority which no other means can. It’s an effective and great way to announce your sincerity, credibility, commitment, and passion towards technical domain and subject area you operate in.

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Originally published January 11 2019,updated October 12 2019

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