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Are Creative / Infographic Resumes Compatible with ATS?
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Are you in HR and have you received infographic resumes? How do you feel about them?

Receiving a lot of infographic resumes isn’t uncommon for HR. This happens a lot with those candidates who are freshers, new to the recruitment space, or else don’t know much about ATS, keywords, and how resumes today are selected via AI-enabled intelligent systems. 

Firstly, an infographic resume is itself a testimony about the comprehension of the candidate about general affairs, awareness about infographic nor being passed through ATS parsing technology, and how they haven't done their homework before creating their resume and applying. As an alternative viewpoint, an infographic resume can showcase the candidate's creativity, hard work, expertise, and skills, especially in streams like graphic designing, content writing, or UI/UX. But a common consensus is playing it safe by letting a simple word document pass through ATS before you can let the employers know how talented you are. Beyond and before the first step, there is no meaning or need of creating infographics because if you fail in crossing the HR- ATS threshold, you won’t get a chance to represent yourself in a telephonic or face-to-face interview, where it actually matters the most.         

ATS isn’t smart or compatible enough to read icons, graphics, png, and infographics using resumes. All such documents are read in a simple word language by ATS and images and graphics are distortedly translated without actual meaningful information for the ATS or it’s not in an ATS-comprehended language to make any impact for the candidate. If you fill a lot of crucial information by way of images, png, graphics, there are chances that such resumes will be discarded by ATS right at the onset.   

Some tips or tricks or advice for job seekers thinking of turning in an infographic resume for their next job Application?

If you really wish to send across infographics resume to the HR, remember to have two copies of it- the infographic in the pdf format and another one a simple word format document. Send both the resumes when applications are to be sent through emails or the form requests multiple collaterals to be submitted. 

If information is sought via one form and one resume, then ensure you’re sending just the word document resume with relevant keywords for your industry. Infographic resumes are best avoided in almost every scenario except for graphic designers, UI/UX designers, and people in the creative field.

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Originally published July 12 2019,updated May 27 2020

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