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Biggest Hiring Mistakes Startups Make
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When you have just started with a small business, there are so many ways in which you can falter. But recruitment shouldn't be one. Here’s how you can avoid some of the biggest hiring mistakes in startups:

  • Bringing in Experienced People too Early

Bringing in experienced people too early into the foundation of a startup is one common mistake business owners end-up making. Even though senior people are experienced in what they are doing, but they might/ might not be good at working in a startup culture. A startup culture differs to a huge margin from an established corporate environment- in the former, there are no secretaries and there are no clear distinctions between job KRA and responsibilities of different people. It’s not like you make some decisions and pass on them for someone else to do it. You are supposed to actually roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty. Also, there no systems, processes, and tools in place, the senior people you hire have to be entrepreneurs in themselves- otherwise the plan wouldn’t lift off the ground because of their inability to execute them well. What a startup needs to do is get onboard those people who have a broad experience in working with different startups and growing through the ranks.

  • Hiring a Lot of People at a Time

When a startup is on a nascent stage, the processes are still being built. A business owner has a lot to do and it may seem like hiring a hand or two would ease the path. But your finances wouldn’t allow that and you have to make do with carrying everything on your own. Sometimes a business owner isn’t able to balance the two- finance and the amount of work- and get a lot of people without the resources or the investment to make the cash flow flowing for the employees or the startup. Finding the right balance between the finance and the amount of work is difficult but indispensable for a startup to sustain and turn into steady state business.

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Originally published February 13 2019,updated November 18 2019

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