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Can work from home have any Cons too?
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Working from home: it is like a dream come true! Or is it like a nightmare? You are in your most comfortable self, working next to your kids. However, this has just as many cons as pros, that need to be taken into consideration.

Remote working is a boon for self-driven employees who take complete ownership of their work with minimal deviations. Working from home allows individuals to focus better on creatively and cognitively demanding tasks, which isn’t possible in a workplace environment with multiple tasks pulling their attention.

When individuals aren’t motivated enough to commute to office and work, a work from home can be a savior. Opting a work from home in such situations can enhance productivity, what could have been a full day leave leading to loss of an entire man day.

Many people dream about working in their pyjamas from the comfort of their homes.

Working from home can break the cycle of monotony and help an individual to unwind and rejuvenate that boosts their morale and repletes lost motivational levels.


Although work from home facility works fine for individual contributors, it’s detrimental for work environments with a high level of interdependence. Imagine situations where mutual discussions are a part of regular workday.

Remote working is a No-No situation in roles where KPIs and KRAs are not clearly defined as it gets impossible to track the deliverables while working from home.

Working from home can immediately turn into a slog when people start procrastinating. More often than not, the privilege can be misused, if employees fail to balance work and personal chores. Once people start exercising the privilege all too often, it can set a wrong precedent for everyone.

Now that you are well versed with the pros and cons of work from home, decide for yourself. Take an informed decision after weighing both sides, because it is your work and your home!!

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Originally published August 23 2018,updated February 22 2020

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