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Can’t Think Beyond Money in a Job? Here’s Why You Should
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A fat paycheck is only one of the few reasons that contribute to a fulfilling and satisfying job and there are numerous factors that a candidate must consider before signing on the dotted line. Sure high remuneration is a subset of employee satisfaction, but signing up for a job only because it pays well is a recipe for failure. Let’s understand why:

There are five broad factors that determine employee satisfaction at any job:

  • Cultural and work orientation
  • Role alignment with personal goals
  • Alignment with long term professional goals
  • The growth trajectory
  • Work-life Balance

The above five factors are the pillars of employee satisfaction and all too often, employees staying or leaving your organization depend on one or the combination of these factors. It’s about what cost you are ready to pay in exchange of a handsome remuneration.

If a higher paycheck impacts or misaligns any of these factors; the entire purpose of earning money takes a backseat. Your life can become robotic and all your dreams that you thought of pursuing post earning “well” would be a distant dream.

Imagine a situation when you have truckloads of money, but no time and energy to use that money to fuel your personal endeavors. Even though the dollars are rolling-in, sacrificing a hundred things in your life to feed that pursuit would soon turn into a frustrating exercise; which is not worth the efforts. That’s why you must consider the bigger picture rather than seeking temporary euphoric feelings arising from a high remuneration.

Whether you sense a personal euphoria from your professional achievements is a bonus factor that can impact your levels of job-satisfaction. If you are unable to internalize the business goals and feel professional achievements adding value to your personal goals; the entire idea of earning a nice paycheck goes out of the window. Therefore, no matter how paying your job is, it MUST be in-line with what you wanted to accomplish in your life from the beginning.

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Originally published September 12 2018,updated October 12 2019

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