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Casual Dressing vs Formal Dressing: How Should you Dress up for Office?
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We are living in an age where comfort and the freedom to be comfortable rules the roost. We get to hear a lot about the gig economy, flexible working hours, telecommuting, work from home, the generational shift pushed by millennials, so on and so forth.

But professionalism is a tightrope difficult to balance and tread carefully, important, nevertheless.

Your sartorial choices or how you present yourself to the corporate world showcases your seriousness towards your work. It speaks volume about your seriousness, work ethics, discipline, and respect towards job responsibilities. A fact that you are taking time out in the morning to wake up early, dress up professionally, and is showing up for work on time is a key factor in your individual success.

On a personal level, it instills in you a certain confidence. It automatically changes your body language, posture, and energy levels. When you feel confident, you work confidently. The ultimate result? There’s an increased productivity and success.

Usually, it’s very difficult for companies to specify what kind of dress is allowed at the workplace without appearing too nosey. What organizations can do in such a scenario is to be specific about the kind of dress expected at work. Tell them through a company manual or brochure about the dress code. But don’t give them a hard time about this.

Remember, your guideline should never take the freedom or comfort out of the equation. Think of different polite ways to say the same thing. For example, if you say dress professionally, it’s better than saying dress in business suits. Or better still, say- if what you wear to work is not what you will wear on a date setting or movie outing with friends, don’t wear it.

There will be times when you are expected to wear business suits too for a high level of business meeting or presentation. But, then, not every day is the same and business suits can take a vacation for such days.

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Originally published December 07 2018,updated November 18 2019

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