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Do ‘Employee Engagement’ the Right Way
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Employee engagement says a lot about a company's culture. It further is responsible for the rate of turnover or attrition for a company. Since a lot of investment goes into hiring the right talent, it’s imperative to develop a robust employee trust in your company and its practices. Some tips for the same:

  • Tie their KRAs to the Organization’s Vision:

Show the employees how their efforts tie back to the bigger organizational goals. Have in place transparent objectives, processes, and systems so that the employees can find a bigger purpose and meaning in the everyday tasks they accomplish. If the employees can see their efforts creating a bigger, visible, and intangible impact on organizational objectives, the engagement skyrockets with an increased sense of trust, confidence, and engagement. This also pushes their understanding of how their KRAs run parallel to the vision of the organization and how exactly they overlap.

  • Invest in Employee Development:

Working on employee growth, development, and welfare always reap great benefits for a company. It’s an effective plan to invest time and money in training initiatives and skill and leadership development events to help employees climb their goals and professional objectives. Ask them to volunteer for different roles and responsibilities and provide them a training for those particular skills. Providing a certification for the skills learned acts as an add-on to the portfolio of employees which helps instill a sense of belongingness and responsibility in them towards the organization.

  • Listen to them

Always make it a point to listen to your employees, irrespective of their job roles and positions. Give them enough room to provide a constant feedback and advice or suggestions. An active listening results in action. The employees must feel their voices are being noted and acted upon and that their opinions matter to the organization as well.

Topics: Human Resource

Originally published January 11 2019,updated October 12 2019

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