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Do's and Don'ts for Socializing With Colleagues on Social Media
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To send or not to send a friend request to a colleague or accept a friend request from your manager is a dicey situation to be in. You can’t decide what to do in such scenarios. Sending it might come off as being extra-friendly, not accepting friend requests might seem like you are completely unwelcoming and don’t entertain friendly gestures. Anyway, you end-up landing in the soup. Here’s a simple guide on how to socialize with colleagues on social media:    


  • Knowing the People Well:

Being connected to colleagues on different social media and networking platforms help you know them, understand their likings and dislikings, and idiosyncrasies. You get to understand your colleagues and their other side which you might not be able to know of in the cubicle or office space. The next time you are socializing with them in office parties, you don’t have to face awkward silences and you know where to start conversations from.

  • Increasing Networking Opportunities:

When you are connecting with people you are making a connection with them which can help you in your professional endeavors. You are growing your network expanse and can their help, pitch to them, get referrals, give referrals, and help them- the possibilities of effective connection and communication are endless.

  • Easy to Communicate:

When you are connected to colleagues on different social networks, you can help them get a new piece of video, audio, marketing ideas, ebooks, or any other collaterals where you can tag them.  


  • Everyone Forms an Opinion of you:

When you are connected with colleagues on social media, you are giving them entry into your personal world. People are free to make any sort of opinion about you and form an image of you- which could be good or bad and that can have crucial consequences on work relationships, corporate success, and growth.  

  • Your Personal Life is on Display:

Whatever you do socially, wherever you have been, and the people you were with yesterday is known to whoever is connected to you. These days recruitment processes also take account social media profiles to understand you and important decisions are taken regarding your hiring or firing. Sometimes your posts can be seen in a negative light and you wouldn’t even know why you didn’t get that coveted job even after you did so well.  

Don'ts: Common Mistakes to Avoid:

  • Don’t add everyone on social media, if you aren’t comfortable sharing personal information:

If you don’t want everyone to know what you are doing socially, it’s better to not add your coworkers on social media profiles. There’s no right or wrong in being friends with your coworkers and it’s as right or wrong as you decide it to be- it’s totally dependent on your personality, choices, and decisions.

  • Don’t post anything negative about anyone:

Whether or not you add coworkers in your social media friends’ list, never ever post anything negative about anyone or any community. The social media profiles are of course a reflection of who you are, but you don’t want to give a wrong impression to someone visiting your profile for the first time. Moreover, thanks to internet we are living in an even smaller world than before and you can’t be sure who is seeing your social media profiles.

  • Don’t tag anyone on irrelevant posts or send messages without reason:

The fact that causes the most inconvenience to people is getting tagged in posts or receiving irrelevant messages. Know your boundaries if the person you are tagging or sending messages will appreciate your gesture.

Do’s: The Right Things to do:

  • Ask people before posting their pictures online:

If your friends with someone and click a picture tougher, always ask them if they are comfortable you sharing them on your social media handles  and then post them. It’s a golden rule of posting something that is not yours.

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Originally published March 22 2019,updated January 22 2020

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