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ebooks vs White Papers: Which One Performs Better
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Both eBook and whitepapers serve distinct advantages and it’s tough to declare a clear winner among the two. eBooks and Whitepapers are information rich content properties that aim to progress the buyer journey. However, the difference lies between the stages they target in the buyer journey or funnel.

  • eBooks perform well at the “Awareness” stage of the buyer journey, wherein a person is trying to accumulate information about a particular product or service and wants to gain a comprehensive understanding first. They are more concerned about explaining the “problem” part of the equation. The purpose of an eBook is to strike interest in the reader’s mind and not influence their buying decision straight away! Depending on the research involved, eBooks are fairly easy to churn and are good at capturing a person’s share of mind in your products. An ebook can educate a layman who has no expertise or experience using a product or service.
  • White Papers, on the other hand, target people in the “Decision” stage in the buying-journey. White papers are introduced when a person is versed with the basics and concepts, but looking for a “proven validation” of a concept to fuel their buying decision. All too often, white papers are more about providing a data-backed solution to the user’s problem. That’s why churning a white paper takes plenty of research and time as you have to include plenty of data to convince a person into buying. A white paper caters to an audience who are experts in an arena and where merely supplying information might not be enough to convince them to buy.

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Originally published September 27 2018,updated October 12 2019

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