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Have you Leveraged these 4 Team Collaboration Strategies?
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What sort of activities do you do to ensure the team collaboration strategy is actionable and scalable and not another run of the mill exercise? Have you made the best use of the below mentioned activities? Read and check.     

Lunches together:

The culture of the organization should be enthused with a participative vibe where employees are free to leave for lunch together. Eating lunch on workstations should be discouraged to let open communication flow unhindered with potluck kind of lunch every day- which refreshes the mind, helps employees destress, feel more connected with each other beyond work, relax, and enjoy.

Cross-departmental Training Sessions:

The cross-departmental training session is a great way to work on 2 different things together- training team members to learn new skills running parallel to their existing KRA and boosting collaboration between different departments helping the organization eventually.   

Talk Sessions:

Conduct talk sessions once a week for every department just like Ted Talks or Toastmaster where the entire team gets together to talk about some random topic not related to work. Either one speaker comes prepared and enlightens the rest of the team about some interesting topic (Ted Talks) or the complete team discusses a previously chosen topic (Toastmaster). Along with enhancing team collaboration, it helps strengthen communication and other soft skills of participating members.      


The culture of an organization is somewhat dependent on technology but until and unless it’s completely integrated into the existing workflows and processes of employees, the technology will remain unutilized. Technology can be used for creating workspaces that help professionals  connect highly with each other professionally like enterprise social networks and collaboration tools like Workplace by Facebook, Asana, and WhatsApp or professionally through in-house organizational social network app or tool developed specifically for employees to share photographs, seek help organization-wide, discuss personal or professional events, and share news and information. Not only this fosters cohesive and collaborative workspaces, but allows employees to feel connected with each other on many levels.

Topics: HR News and Trends

Originally published July 12 2019,updated May 27 2020

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