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How are Tattoos Treated in the Workplace?
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Most of the millennials and Gen Z today flaunt tattoos as an extension of their personality. Not allowing them to be their best and true self is falsifying the entire concept of accepting diversification, inclusivism, and HR. 

As we are moving towards creating an organizational ecosystem with the assimilation of both the personal likings and professional expectations, tattoos are perceived entirely as an individual exercise of freedom and choice. The change in perceptions has led to organizations highly and readily accepting candidates with tattoos. There’s a positive shift in focus with more concentration on the assessment of personality, technical capabilities, and soft skills for hiring in a world facing talent crunch where companies are pitted against each other for the same number of talented and experienced professionals- grey matter takes precedence and tattoos a backseat.

Topics: HR News and Trends

Originally published July 12 2019,updated May 27 2020

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