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How can HR Tech Meet Organizational Culture?How can HR Tech Meet Organizational Culture?
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Can HR technology help create a conducive environment at the workplace for people to put their points across and feel motivated? Can it unearth what people want to learn, collaborate, and do work on? The answer is yes and here’s how HR tech can achieve much more.

  • Idea Sharing Forum:

Leverage idea sharing forums or platforms for people to share their ideas at a common place which can be later discussed in a stand-up meeting. These ideas can be integrated into the organizational system if it’s found to be good. If not, there should be proper feedback and closure along with reasons provided for the ideas. Idea sharing forums give everyone a chance to think creatively and share them on a broader platform. This also boosts the motivation and engagement levels of employees.   

  • Video Job Interview:

Whenever you invite any candidate for a video interview, make sure you offer a seamless experience. Not everyone is comfortable with new technology or platform and it calls into action, a proper guideline, video tutorials on how to handle the new technology, and continuous HR support regarding how to engage with the platform. The candidate experience is a big thing these days and also help you give them the first-hand experience of your brand while at the same time effortlessly improving brand awareness.    

  • Mobile optimized HRMS:

The HRMS system that you use has to be highly optimized for mobiles and it should be properly functioning across devices and platforms. Cross-platform usage makes HRMS easily available to your employees everywhere- allowing them to check their important notifications, apply for leaves from anywhere, give manager feedback, recommendations, appreciation notes to each other, or send wishes on anniversary and birthdays form comforts of anywhere.

  • Learning Platforms:

Mercer-Mettl’s State of Workplace Learning and Development Report- 2018 found out how 81% of organizations see blended learning as the most effective way of delivering learning and development programs at the workplace. Learning Management Systems (LMS) along with traditional training can work wonders for your organization. Also, short bursts of information called Microlearning video or audios can boost the training outcome and increase its efficiency and impact.

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Originally published March 22 2019,updated January 22 2020

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