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How can Organizations Stay Ahead of Changing Privacy Laws?
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The rising awareness about the privacy laws had people sit up and take notice about how data is handled inside the corporation, how it's stored and processed, and what happens to it when the due time of storing such data has come and gone? Take a look at what’s changing the way we look at data:     

  • Keep a Legal Counsel:

To stave off emergent GDPR implementation and data privacy challenges, organizations must have an up-to-date and keen awareness about how compliance to legislation is established at all levels of organizational workflow, systems, tools, and processes. Companies should have legal counsel onboard which can fully comprehend the business operations and the immediacy of adapting to wider digitization wave and Industry 4.0 balancing it with right privacy laws at right levels.

  • Consent Management:

Fiercer regulation from governments of different geographies of the kind of data that is collected and what ultimately happens with it will be on rounds. Legislation around- what’s ethical in data collection, the privacy issues, the time till which you can use such private data, and user consent after making them fully comprehend the consequences of it- will finally take off the ground. It will be of utmost importance for organizations to have streamlined systems and processes to be accountable and answerable in the wake of legislation and increasing government intervention.

Consent management through consent forms is a viable option to stay clear of any impounding legislation with clear accountability and mention for what happens to the data collected, for how long the data would stay with the organization, and how will the data be discarded when the time period is up. Not limited to this, laws and regulations around buying data rights from the end-users have to be developed, comprehended, and implemented.

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Originally published June 21 2019,updated December 07 2019

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