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How can Out-of-office Team Building Events be made More Inclusive?
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Working in global organizations with people from different cultures, races, colors, genders, and nationalities can be fun and informative. You get to understand different perspectives, learn a world of differences, and ways of tackling them. But working in such organizations have to come with a lot of precautions so that different cultures are appreciated and not misrepresented or misappropriated. Some insights to reflect on regarding the same.      

  • Give Off-site Related Tasks in a Random Manner:

In a team or departmental off-site, various related activities must not be divided based on stereotypical and societal acceptance of roles like catering and food shouldn't be left to women or people of color or arranging for conveyance and accommodation to white men. Divide the tasks and draw names randomly for each task to raise the confidence and trust of employees regarding inclusivism and diversification. 

  • Hurting Religious Sentiments vs. Individual Choices: 

There could be partisan viewpoints regarding the availability of beef, pork, and alcohol in out-of-office team building events. While at one point an unavailability to exercise one’s freedom and choice in food can falsify inclusive stand of accepting differences, the availability of such food choices can hurt the religious sentiments of religiously diverse employees. The safe option is to have the food options conveyed effectively and communicated through emails or pre-menu cards to avoid any negative surprises.        

  • Mix Teams:

People are expecting to build connections at the workplace and to be able to form meaningful and relatable relationships to thrive in the organization. Create positive experiences by mixing teams and dividing them to have diverse groups of people from a different race, color, gender, and religions and then pit each group against other group in positive competition. A healthy competition enhances team collaboration, helps people feel valued and connected with each other, and sparks new positive relationships which can go beyond the off-site events.

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Originally published July 12 2019,updated May 27 2020

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