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How to Cut Down Company Perks Without Damaging Morale
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  • Offer them the Inside Picture

When you announce a perk cut, beating around the bush about the reasons isn’t an option. Rather than going on round and round about the issues responsible for slashing the perks, be transparent and disclose the exact reasons contributing to the perk cut. Helping the employee empathize with the situation can reduce resentment and then, they can be in a better position mentally to handle the decline in perks.

  • Build the Right Connect

Ideally, a workplace should be a second home for every employee where they spend half their day. If employees can feel business crisis as their own personal crisis as a family; leaving with lesser perks become all the more easy. This is something that should be ingrained as a long-term strategy for your business, wherein employees see the business as a family and are happy to face both happy and testing times together.

  • Portray as A Temporary Affair

It’s important for your employees to believe that the perk cut is temporary and won’t last once the business rights the ship. Even then, you must not keep employees in the dark and come up with a realistic timeline they can expect the perks to be back as part of their remuneration.

Topics: HR News and Trends

Originally published November 02 2018,updated January 22 2020

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